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Define Energy

The ability or capacity to perform work, and is measured in joules


Define Work, and state the formula used to find its value

A transfer of energy as a consequence of a force acting through a distance

Work = Force x Distance


Define Power, and state the formula used to find its value

The rate of transfer if energy between one system and another

Power = Energy or Work / Time


Describe how the ATP/PC system works

ATP >>> ADP + P(i) + energy
When [ADP] is high, creatine kinase is activiated
CP >>> C + P + energy (exothermic)
This energy is then used to resynthesise ATP (coupled reaction)
ADP + P(i) + energy >>> ATP (endothermic)


Explain how glycolysis in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration occurs

Glycogen >>(GPP - activated by low [CP])>> Glucose-6-phosphate
Glucose-6-phosphate >>(PFK)>> Pyruvic acid + 2ATP

Anaerboic = Pyruvic acid >> Lactic acid

Aerobic = Pyruvic acid goes to the kreb cycle


What are the three stages of aerobic respiration? And where do these occur?

Glycolysis (Sarcoplasm)
Kreb's Cycle (Matix)
Electron transport chain (Cristae)


Explain the process of the kreb cycle

Acetyl coA + Oxaloacetric acid >> Citric acid
This produces CO2 + Hydrogen atoms + 2ATP
Oxaloacetric acid is reformed


What occurs in the electron transport chain?

NAD + FAD carry hydrogen as NADH + FADH
The hydrogen is then oxidised to form water
The electrons bounce down the chain and form 34ATP


How many ATP are produced if fats are respired?



What is OBLA?

The onset of rapid blood lactate accumulation


What are the thresholds for the 3 different enegy systems?

ATP/PC - up to 12s
Lactic acid - 2-3mins
Aerobic - 3+mins


What are the six factors that affect the predominant energy system?

Exercise intensity / duration
Energy system thershold
Oxygen supply / transport
Food fuel that is avalible
Enzyme activation levels
Fitness level


Explain the Fast Alactacid component of recovery?

ATP+PC and myoglobin stores are replenished
1-4l of O2 needed
30s for half / 2-3mins for full


Explain the Slow Lactacid compnent of recovery?

Lactic acid >> pyruvic acid (kreb cycle)
Lactic acid >> glycogen + glucose
5-8l of O2 needed
15mins for half / 1hour for full