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What is the difference between static and dynamic flexibility?

Dynamic takes the speed of movement into account, and reflects the joints resistance to movement


What are the factors that affect flexibility?

Joint type
Joint shape
Elasticity of connective tissue
Strength of opposing muscle
Muscle / fat mass surronding the joint
Tempreture of the muscles
External tempreture


What are the two ways of testing flexibility?

Sit and reach test
Goniometer (most accurate)


What is the difference between active and passive static stretching?

Passive it with an external aid to help balance


Critically evaluate ballisitc stretching

Stretches that invlove the use of momentum to move a joint forcecibly through to its extreme point of resistance

Greatly increases flexibility for proffessionals

Severe injuries possible
Muscles must be very warm


What is the intensity / frequency / time required for improving flexibility?

Mild tension - no pain
3x a week
10-30s 3-6 times


Define Dynaminc Stretching

Stretches that involve taking the muscles through a joints full range of movement with muscle tension but with the entry and exit under more control


What does PNF stand for?

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation


How is PNF carried out?

Muscle is taken to point of resistance
Isometric contraction performed for 5secs against an immoveable object
Muscle is immediatly relaxed
Muscle is taken slightly bryond point of resistance
This stretch is held for 10-30secs


How does PNF work?

When the muscle is stretched it triggers the muscle spindles, so the muscle contracts
This contraction causes the golgi tendon organ to relax
This overrides the stretch reflex


What are the adaptations and benefits of flexibility training?

Increased elasticity of connective tissue
Increased RoM at a joint before the stretch reflex
Increased efficiancy for muscles to create force and acceleration
Reduces potential for injuy during dynamic sporting movements