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Define Ergogenic Aid

Any substance that aids performance


What are the 4 different types of Illegal ergogenic aids?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
Recombinant EPO (rhEPO)
Gene Doping
Blood Doping


Describe how Carbohydrate loading (Pre-competition meals) are carried out

7 days before - high intensity training (deplets CHO stores)
3/4 days before - no CHO in diet (limited energy)
Night before - high CHO meal (super compensates)


Explain what an athlete must consume on competition day, and state what could occur if this is done incorrectly

2/3 hours before - high CHO meal (pasta/rice/banana)
500ml of water
Reduced fat / fibre meal

Eating too close to the event can cause rebound hypoglycemia (upset stomach / stitch)


What type of meals are post competition meals?

High CHO to replenish glycogen stores
4:1 ratio of CHO : Protein
Maximum fluid intake


Why are Carbohydrates so important?

Only fuel that can be broken down anaerobically
Can also be broken down aerobically
Limited stores of them in the body


What are the benefits and negatives of rhEPO + Blood doping? And what are they?

Blood Doping - Removing blood, storing, reinjecting

rhEPO - Artifically manafacturing RBC's and injected into the blood (45%-65%)

+ve's of both - Increases vo2 max and delays fatigue
increase 02 carrying capacity

-ve's of both - Increase blood volume / pressure / viscosity
lower HR + blood flow
can lead to blood clotting / heart faliure
Possible HIV


What is creatine? And what are its positives and negatives?

Made up of amino acids, and stored as Creatine Phosphate

Benefits - Increases efficiency of ATP/PC system
Maintain higher power outputs
Maximise the amount of CP in their muscle stores

Risks - Unknown long term effects
Increases body mass (undesirable weight)
Can cause dehydration + muscle cramps


Critically evaluate Human Growth Hormones (HGH)

Hormone that is produced naturally in the body to aid growth development
Can be made synthetically (Illegal)

Benefits - Stimulates bone / cartilage / muscle growth
Promotes break down of free-fatty acids (decrease in fat %)
Increase in blood glucose levels

Risks - Hypertrophy of internal organs (overgrowth of heart)
Causes joint pain
Hypertension (150/95 mmHg)
Bone thickening


Critically evaluate Gene Doping

Can improe all metabolic fuctions of the body
DNA structure is altered
ACE-11 improves efficiency of mitochondria

Benefits - All performers can benefit
Could create a super-athlete
Safer than other illegal aids
Virtually undetectable

Risks - Lack of control
Moral / ethical issues
No long term studies


Explain the Ice Vest as a cooling aid

Reduces core tempreture in order to sustiain exercise for longer in hot environments, by preventing overheating


Explain how Ice Baths can help a performer remove lactic acid, reduce muscle damage, and decrease swelling

The cold makes the blood vessels surronding the muscles vasoconstrict (reduces blood flow)
When removed from the cold, the blood vessels vasodialate and fresh blood is flushed through the capillaries (removes lactic acid)


What are the potential risks of ice baths?

Some people can get ice burns
If fully submerged, can cause angina
May hide more serious injuries
Increases Blood pressure
Older people have less efficient vasoconstriction


What are the benefits and negatives of training aids?

Provide variety and fun
Increase on overload while maintaining correct tissue

The technique employed with device may be different from real technique