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Define Explosive / Elastic strength

The ability to expand a maximal amount of energy in one, or a series of strong, sudden high-intensity movements or apply a succesive and equal force rapidly


Define Dynamic strength

The ability of the neuromuscular system to overcome a resistance with a speed of contraction


Define Static strength

The force exerted by the neuromuscular system while the muscle length remains constant


State the factors that affect strength

Muscle fibre type
Cross-sectional area
Gender (testosterone)
Physical inactivity (atrophy after 48hrs)
Strength training
Joint angle
Muscle shape


State which tests are used to assess each type of strength

NCF Sit-up test
Wingate 30s cycle test
Hand Grip Dynamometer
Sargent jump / vertical jump
Any isometric position

NCF Sit-up test - Strength endurance

Wingate 30s cycle test - Dynamic strength

Hand Grip Dynamometer - Maximum strength

Sargent jump / Vertical jump - Explosive / Elastic strength

Any isometric position - Static strength


What is the Work : Rest ratio for Strength endurance, and all the other type of strengths?

Strength endurance - 2 : 1

All others : 1 : 3


What type of strength needs an intensity of 80-95% 1RM? And what one needs 70-85% of 1RM?

80-95% - Maximum strength

70-85% - Explosive / Dynamic strength


Explain sets / repetitions

A repetition is the number of times you contract + relax the muscle before resting it
A set is when the reps have been completed and are done again ( 1 lot = 1 set)


Explain a pyramid set and inverse pyramid set

Pyramid - As repetitions decrease, weight increases

Inverse - The opposite


Define Plyometrics

An activity that preloads muscles by using an eccentric contraction before a powerful concentric contraction
Develops explosive strength and power


What are the negatives of ploymetrics?

Bad for sedentary performers
Excessive impact on joints (so only once a week)


Define circuits

A series of exercises working different muscle groups on 'stations', set out in a circular fashion


What happens to the neural responses as a result of strength training?

The increase of nerve impulses cause an increase firing og the units and greater co-ordination


What does the golgi tendon organ do?

It is a proprioceptor that detects tension, and so stiffens up if the muscle is over stretched, preventing injury


How does muscular hypertrophy occur?

There is an increase in the amount of fast twitch fibres that are recruited