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The information gathered from size up will dictate what?

The mode of operation and tactics used


The most important information and size up aside from rescue is to identify what?

Location of fire and potential for extension


As companies began to carry out their assignments command needs to be advised as early as possible of what?

The unit number on fire and it's relation to the rest of the apartments in the building


What is the primary purpose of the initial attack line?

Advanced to the seat of the fire for confinement and extinguishment


Advancing the attack line in a enclosed stairwell through the front door should be delayed if what?

If occupants of the building or actually in the stairwell


Any crew operating in the stairwell above the fire floor apartment shall be notified of what?

They should be notified and prepare to seek refuge before the door to the fire apartment is open


When the apartment building has a open stairwell the primary means for advancement of the initial attack line is through where?

The door of the fire apartment


What is a important factor influencing the attack line deployment?

Whether the main stairwell to the building is closed or open


When considering advancing a hose line to an apartment balcony door the apartment should be accessible of a ladder of what size?

No more than a 24 foot ladder


When should a balcony attack on the apartment fire not be used?

Smoke, heat, or fire has already compromised the stairwell

Balcony is crowded with furniture


If the initial line was deployed over the balcony the second line may enter where and standby at the apartment door?

The stairwell


The third hoseline typically advances to what location and a garden apartment fire?

Floor above the fire floor


The first engine on the second alarm will report to where?



What is the purpose of the exposure line?

To prevent or extinguish fire spread into any attached exposure and to also be used to prevent exterior spread or auto exposure


What areas should be checked when checking for extension?

The attic


Intervening floors


It is normally preferable for firefighters to enter what level of the building during a fire?

At or below the level of fire


What has proven to be one of the very most effective means to protect life and property?

Rapid Fire extinguishment


During a terrace level fire rather than advancing down the interior stairwell The initial attack line is taken to the rear and advance through the fire apartment into the bedroom. If this tactic is used where should the second line be advanced to?

Placed into the stairwell from the front


During a isolated terrace level apartment fire the first and second line must be advanced to the rear. A third line should be placed where?

Needs to be placed into the stairwell above the fire from the interior stairwell or over ladders


What type of fire poses the greatest danger to occupants of the building?

Basement and terrace level fires


If the lowest level runs the entire length of serval addresses above it it fires occur in this area crews must be assigned where

Assigned to both ends of the basement to close one door and initiate a coordinated attack from the opposite door


During an attic fire to assist and containing the fire and slowing the lateral spread early consideration of what should be done?

Early roof ventilation


How many lines are preferred on a fire that is active and a cock loft or attic?

Multiple lines