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If nothing is evident from the exterior of the building the first truck reports to what side of the building?



The decision for apparatus positioning is basically based on what?

On task that will or may be performed during the incident


Before committing the ladder truck to a specific location serval questions must be answered

Is the fire generally located in the front or rear

On what side of the stairwell is a fire located

How many floors or above the location of fire

Is the fire located in the living room and kitchen area or the bedrooms

The fire located in the terrace or basement area


During positioning of the latter truck questions need to be answered regarding fire spread such as these

Where are the smoke and fire spreading

Is the stairwell heavily charge of the smoke

Is the roof gabled or flat

Smoke pushing from the attic cockloft or plumbing vents

What is the color of the smoke


If the first truck or rescue arrives with or before the first engine company they are responsible for what task?

Forcible entry

Locating the fire

Primary search of the fire apartment



Checking for extension

Salvage and overhaul


First do truck will have the duties of laddering and ventilation on what side of the building

TThe side of the building that has the fire


If the first special service unit is a rescue company the entire crew will normally enter the building together and are responsible for what?

Locating the fire

Forcible entry

Primary search


For extension


The second arriving truck will be responsible for positioning opposite of the first arriving truck and may be responsible for what?

Forcible entry

Searching of the remaining apartments on the fire floor

Searching the floors above the fire



Roof ventilation

Attic access


Ventilation of the fire apartment and the apartment above the fire is a high priority. The primary means of ventilating these two areas will be accomplished by what kind of ventilation



Ideally ventilation will occur from where?

The outside


After the ventilation of the fire apartment and the apartment above the fire what is the next priority for ventilation?

Ventilation of the enclosed stairwell


What is the most effective method of clearing smoke from enclosed stairwells?

By cutting a hole in the roof over the stairwell


When rooftop venting is ordered someone should be assigned to a safety watch. What is the safety watch job?

Is to do nothing but watch the crew doing the work in the progress of the fire


If the fire has entered the attic and lightweight trust construction the fire department members should be supported or tethered vis what?

Aerial device or tower ladders


In situations where there is fire involvement in the living room and kitchen what tactic should be used for searching?



During an apartment fire a crew entering the quadrant a apartment would want to follow what wall?

Left wall


A search crew entering the bravo quadrant apartment would want to follow what wall?



If it is not obvious and there is no known rescues what is the first task that needs to be accomplished?

Locating the fire


Ladders for egress at apartment buildings will normally be thrown to which room first?

Bedroom windows


Laddering to bedroom windows should be done to what locations of the apartment building?

To the front and rear of all floors at and above the level of fire involvement. Priority should be given to the side of the building in which the fire is located


What are the two exceptions to laddering bedroom windows?

When fire is showing from the window

Or if the latter would be exposed to flame impingement from below


If the bedroom windows cannot be laddered which locations should be laddered next?

The balconies or living room windows


If possible what type of letter should be used to ladder over the stairwell?

Aerial device


And large open garage areas consider using what do you to the large expanse and potential for separation of crewmembers?

Search lines


Before any water is allowed to flow from a master stream what needs to happen?

Evacuate the involved area and account for all personnel