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What is the number one priority for firefighters?

Life hazard


Fires and lower floors of a apartment building increase what?

The life hazard


How should outside vent crews remove window air conditioners from apartment windows?

Cautiously push window air-conditioner units from the outside


Garden apartment buildings are considered to have what type of fire loading?



This tactic will slow the spread of fire from combustible siding, insulation, or wooden balconies from entering through the roof soffit windows and door

A quick exterior knockdown


When a quick exterior knockdown tactic is being used a additional line must be quickly placed into the building to check for what?

Check for fire spread with emphasis on the attic and upper floors


What is one of the primary means by which fire extends an apartment buildings?

Pipe chases in kitchens and baths


When confronted with a gas explosion at a apartment building the first arriving unit should do what?

Turn off the gas at the meter


Lightweight woodframe construction is subject to early failure because of what two distinct factors?

Presence of lightweight trusses

Fire entering the void space is degrading the structural members


What should the collapse zone be identified with?

Barrier tape