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When are the standby engine indication automatically displayed? (3)

when both EICAS computers fails
when both CRT fails (cathode ray tubes)
when primary electrical power fails


hat happen to the APU bleed air valve when the L eng fire switch is pulled?

APY bleed air valve is commanded closed so that no bleeds go to the Left side


What happen when you put the engine start selector switch to GND? (3)

open the start valve and engages the starter
closes engine bleed valve
arms the selected ignition system


What engine parameter are inhibited during TO and GA? PW and RR

RR: EGT,N1,N2 and N3 indications are inhibited from changing to amber during TO and GA for 5 mins, 10 mins on N-1
PW: only the EGT indication is inhibited for 5mins, 10mins on N-1 for VN only
RED line is NOT inhibited


How are the parameters shown on compacted mode?

EPR and N1 are displayed normally, all other indications digitally


During TO and GA, the EGT, N1, N2 and N3 pointers and digital readouts?

Will remain white for 5 mins after the amber band is reached.
But red line limits are not inhibited


If an EEC fails, what calculates the maximum thrust limits?

Maximum thrust limits are calculated by the TMC


If the REV ISLN light illuminates, this indicates?

A fault in the reverser system.
Reverser should deploy on landing but may not stow when commanded


When EGT exceeds the red line limit, the EGT counter?

EGT counter turns red when EGT reaches or exceeds the red line limit for the duration of the exceedence.
the max exceedence value is displayed below the counter and displays the highest value attained.
this can be erased by pressing MAX IND RESET on the EICAS control panel


What does it mean when the EPR but is magenta?

it is displaying nominal target EPR for the active FMC mode, with VNAV engaged.
when the EPR bug is green it is dispaying reference EPR for thrust reference mode selected by the FMC, thrust reference mode selected with the TMSP or manual mode selected with thrust reference set control.


the engine limiter control trims fuel flow for?

N1 limiting


Where is TAI annunciation is displayed?

above N1


When the thrust reference set control is pulled out, the EPR bug slews to?

1.55 EPR


Low oil quantity is displayed as?

a white low oil quantity band


To what does the AT NOT responds?

they do not respond to manually set reference EPR values


Each EEC is powered by?

Dual dedicated generators