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where do you find the overspeed CB?

overhead panel, Left B16, Right H15


Where do you find fuel pertinent CBs?

P6 panel behind FO


where do you find the altimeter CBs?

overhead panel, Left E2, Right E23


When does the Fasten seat belt sign automatically illuminate when selected on AUTO? (4)

LG not UP and locked or
Flaps not UP or
Cabin alt above 10000ft or
Pax oxygen ON


When does the NO smoking sign automatically illuminate when selected on AUTO? (3)

LG not UP and locked or
Cabin alt above 10000ft or
Pax Oxygen ON


When does Predictive WS works? (3)

works when TO power set or inflight below 2300ft RA irrespective of WXR ON or OFF
works prior to TO power set when WXR switch ON
alerts are available 12s after weather radar begins scanning for WS


What are the door 1,2 and 4 type of slides?

single lane slide rafts


overwing exits on VI/VN type of slides?

double lane slide that cannot be detached


Door 3 on EK, type of slides?

Single lane detachable slides that can be used for flotation until pax can gain access to a slide raft


ACCESS DOORS lights means?

illuminates if either forward equipment bay OR aft E/E doors are open


When are the CAUTION inhibited during TO?

from 80Kts until liftoff+20s or 400ft RA whichever occurs first


When are the WARNING inhibited during TO?

from liftoff until liftoff+20s or 400ft RA whichever occurs first


normal dome light power is lost, the forward dome lights are powered by?

automatically powered by the battery bus


autobright system illuminates the indicator lights logic? (3)

Full brights when
the ambiant flight deck light level reaches a crossover light level or,
Loss of equipment cooling air flow or,
Equipment cooling air overheat


When the indicator light test switch is pressed?

All indicator lights come on at the selected intensity


When NORMAL/100% selector on the oxygen mask is set to NORMAL?

Oxygen is provided at a varying ratio on demand


Emergency lights switch is selected to ARMED?

All emergency lights (interior and exterior) illuminates if DC power fails


the overwing emergency exits?

can be disarmed by moving the arming lever to DETACH
slide is also disarmed automaticaly when the exit is opened from outside


When does automatic slide inflation occur?

When the slide falls approximately 48 inches


if normal power is lost to essential flood and integral panel lights, backup power?

is automatically provided by AC standby bus


emergency light battery packs are kept charged?

Emergency lights switch OFF or ARMED and there is electrical power


if cabin interphone system power is lost?

Attendant handsets are automatically connected to the PA system


When service interphone switch is positioned to OFF?

All exterieur service interphone stations are disconnected from the cabin /service interphone to reduce external noise


how long can tuning the HF antenna can take?

can take as long as 15 seconds