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3 questions

1. When did the (symptom) start?
2. When did you first notice the (symptom)?
3. Did it start gradually or suddenly?


Provoking and Palliating factors
2 questions

1. What makes the pain worse?
2. What makes the pain better?


3 questions

1. Could you describe the (symptom)?
2. What type of pain is it?
3. Is the pain sharp or dull?


Region and Radiation
2 questions

1. Could you show me where it hurts?
2. Does the pain move anywhere else?


2 questions

On a scale of 1 to 10,
10 being the worst pain you can imagine,
A. how severe is the pain now?
B. how severe was it when it started?


Symptoms (relevant to differential diagnosis)
First 3 questions (out of 6) (related to symptoms)

1. Do you have (symptom: noun)?
2. Do you feel (symptom: adjective)?
3. Sometimes patients with (chief complaint) have (symptom: noun). Has this happened to you?


Describe 7 kinds of body secretions

1. stool
2. urine
3. phlegm
4. nasal
5. vaginal
6. wound
7. eye discharge


2 questions

1. How long/many hours/many days/many weeks have you been having the (symptom)?
2. Does the (symptom) come and go or do you have it all the time?


Symptoms (relevant to differential diagnosis)
Last 3 questions (out of 6) (related to changes)

4. Have you noticed any change in (habit)?
5. Has anyone noticed any change in your (appearance)?
6. Have you been (verb)ing more than usual?


Secretion questions
First 3 questions (out of 6) (Color, Appearance, Amount)

1. What color is the secretion?
2. Could you described the (secretion)?
3. Do you have a large amount of (secretion)?


Secretion questions
Last 3 questions (out of 6) (Frequency, Odor, Blood)

4. How often do you have the (secretion)? Frequency
5. Have you noticed any unusual smell in the (secretion)? Odor
6. Have you noticed any blood in your (secretion)? Blood