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what structure are enzymes

tertiary globular structures proteins


what effect does temperature have on enzymes

INCREASEincreases the kinetic energy collide more often which increases successful collision until optimum is reached too much kinetic energy caused bonds to vibrate and break hydrogen bonds DENATURED DECREASEinactive due to no kinetic energy


what effect does pH have on enzymes

different side chains are acid or alkali hydrogen - positive (attracted to negative)hydroxyl - negative (attracted to positive)small changes only cause reversible changes hydroxyl ions are negative and attract to positive charges


what are intracellular enzymes

work inside the cell


what are extracellular enzymes

work outside the cell


what are the recommended names

short name often ending in 'ase'


what are the systematic names

describes the type of reaction happening


what is lock and key theory

rigid in shape one the substance with the correct shape enter the active site a reaction will ensue this is because it is directly complementary


what is induced fit hypothesis

flexible CATALYTIC CONFORMATIONactive site will change due to attractive chargeschange in shape destabilises the substrate and helps to weaken bonds and break them


what is an anabolic reaction

enzymes bring substrate molecules together


what is a catabolic reaction

enzymes active site affects the bonds and so they are easier to break


what is lysozymeand how does it work

an antibacterial enzyme in human mucus, saliva and tearsthe sugar in bacteria fits the grove of the active sitethe lysozyme changes shape and hydrolysis the bonds water enters via osmosis and the cells burst