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Paschal Candle

Known as Easter candle. Used at easter vigil and baptisms (told to keep light of christ burning in you when given it) and funerals (deceased has joined light of christ)


Easter vigil

Every year at E.V, Parish gets new paschal candle. Candle starts outside church with lights off, bless fire and light candle, priest scratches alpha and omega signs, carried into church, congregation will renew baptismal promises


Michaelangelo's last judgement

Painting depicts the time when Christ judges all people and decides whether to reward or condemn them. Overall message is for christians to prepare for God's final judgement in best way to avoid consequences


The Last Day

The end of time when the earth will be destroyed and all people will come to face God's judgement



The current belief is that once you die you can be buried into the ground. This is because we believe we will be resurrected body and soul



Cremation was banned until 1960 due to the belief that Genesis 3:19 taught that the body should be allowed to decay naturally


Quote against cremation

"You are dust, and to dust you shall return" Genesis 3:19


Remembrance garden

Where urns of cremated ashes of a person are kept to make sure the remains of the person are treated with respect



Indicates location of earthly remains of person who has died as a sign of respect. May have R.I.P, a cross to indicate belief in Jesus, angel carved to represent idea that everyone has a guardian angel



Erected over burial place of important person. Can be prominent. Catholic Church allows important people to be buried inside Church, while usually people are buried in grounds of church



The study of what will take place at the end of time, includes topics like death, judgement, heaven and hell


Four last things

Term for what christians believe all people will have to encounter at the end of their earthly existence; death, judgement, heaven and hell



After death, person is taken to be judged by God. Will have to tell all about their deeds and failures in life. In presence of full love of God, people accept responsibility and are aware for how little they have failed to fulfil God's plan



Place of eternal happiness in presence of God where all believers are aware of love of God removes worries and people rejoice their love with God



For christians, hell is the state of separation from God


Quote for hell

"Hell is the condition of ever lasting separation from God" Youcat 161



A cleansing process rather than a place, in which the effects of sin are removed so that the person can feel happy in the safe presence of God


Quote for purgatory

"The lord looks at us full of love - and we experience burning shame and painful remorse" Youcat 159


Particular judgement

The time when a person is judged by God after they die and has to accept responsibility for their actions when alive


Final Judgement

Sometimes called the last judgement; when Christ comes at the end of time and the whole of creation is judged


Parable of the rich man and Lazarus

Unites image of both heaven and hell. Story is a warning about hard-heartedness that can come from wealth and fame. Lack of warmth condemns rich to Hades (hell): hell is depicted through rich mens plea for water in torment.


Cosmic reconciliation

Paul shows how death of Jesus restores the relationship between humanity and God. Jesus' death also restores harmony of all creation


Quote for cosmic reconciliation

"He is the head of the body, the Church, he is the beginning, the firstborn of the dead" Colossians 1:15-20


Julian of Norwich

Was severely ill and was given last rites. She had a series of revelations over 5 hours- 'showings' - followed by another the next day. She recovered and dedicated her life to prayer in solidarity in which she dictated her writings to a scribe


Three parts of the church

Church militant - people on earth who are struggling against temptation of evil and sin
Church suffering - the souls of the faithful who are in purgatory
The church glorious - the faithful who are enjoying the happiness in heaven


Church's teaching about end of time

Second Vatican Council explained that we must live by the same standards and values as Christ did, and perform good deeds on earth to prepare for christ's glory at the end of time


Last rites

Prayers and blessings that take place when a person is approaching death. Include anointing of the sick, last confession, last communion, and commendation of the dying


Anointing of the sick

One of the sacrements that gives healing strength and forgiveness. The dying ashes for forgiveness of sins, priest asks for strength of holy spirit


Commendation of the dying

Short service that's focused on reception of the dying's last communion called Viaticum. Dying person may hold cross to share in christ's death, baptismal promises are renewed, short passage from Bible may be read, dying person will receive viaticum



The funerals reflect the Catholic belief about after life. Usually involves the following stages: reception of the body, requiem, and the committal



Means rest in latin. Comes from prayer 'eternal rest give unto them o lord'. Another name for 'the funeral mass'. Whole mass is centred around praying that deceased is in presence of God in heaven, with sins forgiven



At end of funeral, priest says prayer asking for the deceased's sins to be forgiven. Coffin sprinkled with holy water as sign of baptism. Priest waves burning incense smoke over coffin(rising smoke represents prayers of faithful being offered to God on behalf of deceased)


Sanctity of life

The belief that all life is holy, as it's created and loved by God so no human life should ever be misused or abused


Care for the dying

Catholic care for the dying includes idea of maintaining the rights and dignity of the individual and the provision of palliative care in hospices



Many sick christians accept their suffering as a way in sharing in suffering of Jesus. Suffering is integral part of being human. Catholics are against the unnatural ending of life


Michelangelo's Last judgement: symbolism of The Seven Angels

They're blowing trumpets, end of world is announced, followed by Gods judgement


Michelangelo's Last judgement: symbolism of The Saints

Near Jesus. Holding instruments used for own tortures and deaths. Have perfect bodies to reflect Jesus' promise that those who stand firm to him will be saved (Mark 13:13)


Michelangelo's Last judgement: symbolism of The faithful

The dead are being raised for Judgement in presence of Christ


Michelangelo's Last judgement: symbolism of The condemned

Michelangelo shows some people who are in destined for hell. These people express their despair for future and the looks on their faces and the way they hold their bodies


Ways in which resurrection changes people's beliefs about eschatology

1) After resurrection of Jesus, Christians thought end of world was near and Jesus' resurrection would be quickly followed by all people being taken into God's presence
2) As time passed Christians realised they had to prepare for death and final judgement by living in the life of resurrection on earth, resisting evil, and having holy spirit guide them



Christians believe death is transition to a new phase of life: eternal life without limitations of earthly body. Should not be feared


How Jesus' resurrection ensures cosmic reconciliation

Through his death and resurrection, Jesus has destroyed the power of sin and death disrupted God's perfect creation


Julian of Norwich teaching about cosmic reconciliation

"It was necessary that there should be sin; but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well" Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Lord 32


What happens at the grave crematorium

"Our Father" is said which reflects belief that the dead was a child of God and is now received back into his loving care. Grave of coffin sprinkled with Holy Water. Prayers reflect hope that deceased will quickly gain eternal happiness in heaven