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A person on a religious journey, which reflects the journey through life to heaven



A journey by a believer to a holy site for religious reasons; an act of worship and devotion



The 40 days before easter; during which Christians reflect on the suffering of Jesus


Location of pilgrimages

Rome (Vatican), Lourdes (France)


Places of pilgrimage

Walsingham (England), Jerusalem (where Jesus lived)


Dramatised prayer

A form of prayer that includes actions like moving from one place to another or acting out the intention of the prayer


Kingdom of God

Also called the Reign of God, where all people live as God intends


The Lord's prayer

The prayer taught to the disciples by Jesus, also known as the 'Our Father'



To help create justice, Christians should live in a way that respects the rights of others. They should also take action to help change the systems in the world that allows injustice to continue. Helping to uphold justice will help spread the Kingdom of God on earth



Christians should all make efforts to establish peace and harmony in the world this includes supporting organisations that work for justice and unity. Christians believe that this will lead to the peace of God's kingdom being experienced on earth



Breaks down the barriers that exist between people. This helps peace and justice to spread which helps the kingdom of God to grow


Hierarchy of the church

A ranking system that gives structure to the church



The head of the Catholic church, successor to St Peter



Primary role is to elect the next Pope



Advise the Pope on different matters, in charge of the church in the area called a diasis



Preach the gospel, assist the priest, can baptise, marry, and lead funerals


Lay People/ the Laity

You are baptised into the body of Christ


Second Vatican Council

A series of important gatherings of all the Catholic Bishops between 1962-1965 which updated many catholic teachings


Dei Verbum

Vatican II led to groups of lay people gathering to study scripture together, and reading the Bible became a normal part of life for committed catholics


Lemen gentium

After Vatican II document, Church emphasised more clearly that it the vocation of everyone take part in mission of the church in service of the world


Sacrosanctum concilium

Vatican II document meant Altar was moved so Priest faced congregation so that in turn the symbolic actions of sacrifice and of sacred banquet could be more visible


Gaudium et Spes

Vatican II made it clearer that in order to serve the kingdom the church had to be involved in social issues. Catholics agencies such as Cathode grew in awareness of their responsibility to not only respond to suffering but to address it's causes


Immaculate conception

Teaches that Mary, the mother of Christ was conceived without sin and her conception was then immaculate. Mary's sinless conception is the reason why Catholics refer to Mary as 'full of grace'



The name of the prayer Mary said when Elizabeth greeted her during her visit


Apostolic succession

The power of the apostles passed on to the next generation of bishops


Four Marks of the church

In the Nicene Creed, we profess "we believe in one Holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church": these are the four marks of the church. They are inseparable and intrinsically linked to each other



The teaching authority of the Catholic church exercised by the Pope and bishops


Pontifical Church

When the teachings of the church are presented by the Pope


Conciliar church

When the authority of the magisterium is expressed through the pope in the council


St Vincent de Paul society (SVP)

International Catholic charity dedicated to going out into local community to help those in need



A calling by God for a person to go along a particular calling in life. Following the call from God will enable people to be totally haply within themselves and with the world


Vocation - Priesthood

A priest gives his life to God as one service to the people. The priest takes a promise a celibacy to commit himself fully to God. The promises of obedience are not easy and his life shows the presence of the Kingdom of God in the community


Vocation - family life

A married couple make a commitment to each other for life which is a sign to each other and to the commitment that love is strong in them. Catholic parents try to show love and obedience to each other and to their children, helping the kingdom of God spread on earth


Vocation - religious life

This could be living as a monk, nun, religious brother or sister who centre their life around God through prayer. Through the work of the will of God, they share the love of God and express the Kingdom values


Why people go on pilgrimage

People often go to confession as a form of pilgrimage as a further sign of their sorrow and desire to change. Also, pilgrimages symbolise life as all christians are travelling on their journey towards God


How praying the stations of the cross link to Jesus' journey to calvary

Christians can embark on the journey with Jesus by praying the stations of the cross


"Les Miserables" being example of mission and evangelism

Priest shows charity and forgiveness to Jean val Jean to save him from life of sin and poverty. This goes on to spread the belief of God as Jean val Jean goes on to use the money to start a business, and help the poor and destitute, which shows that anyone can spread and follow the beliefs of God


How the lord's prayer links with the kingdom of God

"Thy kingdom come" - when people pray for God's kingdom to come, they are looking forward to final establishment of God's rule and accepting role of God in their hearts


Importance of Mary

Willing acceptance of will of God allowed incarnation to take place. Just before death, Jesus entrusted Mary to beloved disciple, who is a symbol of all followers of Jesus. She was perfect disciple


Importance of Magnificat

Praises God for his greatness. God has fulfilled promise he made to people of Israel. Trust shown as she still believes in God despite accusations of adultery


Catholic social teaching

This is made up of human beings, and that God loves all people. This love needs to be shown in the way the Church supports the weakest or poorest members of society. Catholics should not let their fellow human beings suffer


Quote on catholic social teaching

"Nothing genuinely human fails to raise an echo in their hearts" Gaudium et Spes 1