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What is social sensitivity?

This is any psychological research which has wider ethical implications that impact outside of research context


What three groups could be impacted by socially sensitive research?

- The participants, including their friends and families

- The researcher(s), including the institution they work for

- Subcultures and subgroups who the research studies/references


Who did Lowney's research impact and why?

Her participants; they were part of a Satanic cult, which Lowney documented the practices of which reflected badly on the members


Who did Humphreys' work impact and why?

Wider cultural groups, homosexuals, were benefited but his participants' privacy was breached with legal implications due to the illegality of homosexuality


What ethical implications did Milgram's work have?

It put the participants in stressful and harmful situations and they were deceived, resulting in their lack of consent


What are the ethical implications in the schizophrenia unit?

Any research on psychopathology is socially sensitive as it has implications for the group of individuals such as the schizophrenics and their families

Furthermore, a misdiagnosis may cause issues of safety and results in a label and stigma


What makes it difficult to assess the ethical implications of research?

It is difficult to see the effects on the researcher, participants and society


What is essentialism?

Biased views presented as scientific fact


What is reflexivity?

Embracing own bias as an important aspect of research