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What does this debate question?

Whether it is more important to look at the individual as unique or as part of a group to establish similarities for that group


Define idiographic

Everyone is unique and no generalisations can be made. All experiences are private and subjective. Qualitative data.


Which approach is extremely idiographic?

The humanistic approach


Define nomothetic

Applies laws and generalisations to everyone using qualitative data. Focus on similarities between people and putting people in groups


What research method is an illustration of the idiographic approach?

Case studies and other qualitative, small-scale research


What are the three types of general laws the nomothetic approach tries to find?

Classification - People can be put into groups according to characteristics, attitudes or behaviour

Establishing principles - Trying to establish laws/principles that can be applied to all human behaviour, such as the "Law of Effect" proposed by Thorndike. These are easily weakened by case studies

Establishing dimensions - This is the attempt to document continuums upon which an individual can be placed in comparison with others and facilitates scientific measurement


What methods are, broadly speaking, seen as nomothetic and idiographic?

Nomothetic: Quantitative methods

Idiographic: Qualitative methods


What within schizophrenia is idiographic or nomothetic?

Nomothetic: Drug treatments

Idiographic: CBT