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Ethical implications

The impact that psychological research may have in terms of the rights of other people especially participants


Social sensitivity

Studies in which there are potential consequences or implications either directly for the participants in the research or for the class of individuals represented by the research


Ethical issues in socially sensitive research

Sieber and Stanley (1988) Identified a number of concerns that researchers should be mindful of when conducting socially sensitive research
-uses/public policy
-validity of the research


Benefits of socially sensitive research

Scarr (1988)- Argues that studies of underrepresented groups and issues may promote a greater sensitivity and understanding of these, this can help reduce prejudice and encourage acceptance
-Research into the unreliability of eyewitness testimonies has reduced the risk of miscarriages of justice within the legal system


Framing the question

-sieber and stanley (1988)- The way in which research questions are phrased and investigated may influence the way in which findings are interpreted
-Coyle (1995)- Research into alternative relationships has been guilty of a form of heterosexual bias within which homosexual relationships we are compared and judged against heterosexual norms. This suggests that investigators most approach their research with an open mind and be prepared to have their preconceptions challenged if they are to avoid misrepresenting minority groups


who benefits

-Socially sensitive research has been used by the government and other institutions to shape social policy despite the sometimes dubious nature of its findings and without a full consideration of the moderating affects of the environment and characteristics such as intelligence
-1950s- Research into the persuasive effects of subliminal messages was used by marketing companies to advertise their products one study claimed that sales of Coca-Cola and popcorn increased significantly when images of these with flashed up on cinema screens to quickly for audiences to be aware of them it was later revealed that the author of the study had made his findings up
-Research that seeks to manipulate the public has obvious ethical implications


Social control

In the 1920s a large number of US states enacted legislation that led to the compulsory sterilisation of many citizens on the grounds that they were feebleminded and a drain on society and were ‘unfit’ to breed. The fact that socially sensitive research has been used to prop up discriminatory practices in the past is an argument against its widespread adoption


Costs and benefits

Although socially sensitive research will be subject to scrutiny by an ethics committee the costs, benefits and wider implications of research may be very difficult to predict