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Define "ethics"

The study of what is morally right and morally wrong


What is meant by deontology (deontological ethics)?

Doing something because it is right and adheres to principles, irrespective of consequences
i.e. doing your "duty"


What is meant by consequentialism/utilitarianism?

Doing something because of the positive consequences it will bring
(increased wellbeing)


What is meant by communitarianism (community ethics)?

Doing something because it will be positive for everyone involved in the act


What is meant by virtue ethics?

Doing something because it is honest
Person-based rather than action-based


What is meant by religious ethics?

Doing something because it respects the value of human life + abides by individuals religious beliefs


What are the 4 main ethical principles defined by Beauchamp and Childress?

Autonomy (free will)
Beneficence (doing good for others)
Non-maleficence (do no harm)
Justice (fair distribution of benefits/risks/costs)