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* Communitarianism/community ethics

- Is the act good for everyone who will be affected by the act?


* Deontology

- Is the act right or wrong in itself, irrespective of benefits for me, or other consequences?
Abiding to “duty of care”.


* Consequentialism/utilitarianism

- Whether an action is right or wrong is dependent on the consequences – the action is right if it maximises the greatest positive consequence.


* Religious theory

- Does the act respect the sanctity of human life?


* Virtue ethics

- Am I being honest to myself + consistent in my acts?
Professionalism and morals matter most.


* 4 ethical principles (Beauchamps & Childress)

- Autonomy (free will).
- Beneficence (do good).
- Non-maleficence (do no harm).
- Justice (fair distribution of gain/cost).