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Define media?

Means of mass communication, tv, radio and newspapers etc..


Define Idolatry?

Treating something that is not sacred as through it was sacred.


What is the media?

The media is a way of mass communication, or spreading the word on something.


How does the media influence us?

the media can influence us by use seeing people doing things so that we will want to do it. Also if we see our role models or someone like this doing something this encourages us to do it as well.


How does the media create roll models?

The media will make one person look amazing by featuring them on tv and saying amazing things about them. This encourages us to follow what they do and aspire to do what they do. Christians believe that there is only one role model and that is god.


How are Christians and Christianity portrayed in the media?

there are many Christians that believe that films about Christianity are a good way to promote Christianity, However many shows and films also show the christian faith in the wrong way. However some Christians think it is wrong to broadcast christian faith and advertise it because this could be violating peoples free will to choose what they want to do.


An example of Christian being portrayed in a bad way in the media?

Martian Scorsese's film 'the last temptation of Christ' caused concern as it was thought to show to show the events leading up to the death of Christ in a violent manner.


what are the methods of censorship?

-The water shed, this is when programs come on normally after 9 that are only adult friendly so children do not watch it.
-The Press Complaints Commission deals with complaints against the press
-There are film and computer game restrictions so that children play what is appropriate for them only.
-The Advertising standards authority, regulates advertising so it is not bias and does not lie.
-The internet is monitored by the Internet watch foundation and also many social networks have independent monitoring systems.


the balance between censorship and freedom?

there is a constant in what is right and what is wrong and it is important to have a balance. To much censorship will prevent the freedom of speech and this is preventing gods will. Many countries that operate strict censorship are often oppressing there people and are denying human rights example. NORTH KOREA.


How may Christians use the media to there advantage?

Christians use the media in many ways to spread the word of god. Some of these ways include having tv stations that talk about Christianity also christian newspapers etc.. However some Christians think that this is wrong and that you are not giving people a fait chance in which religion they chooses and this is preventing gods will.


Christian views on the portrayal of sex and violence in the media?

All Christians believe that sea outside marriage is wrong. However we see sex before marriage on the tv all the time so this must be going against the view of Christians. Many churches also condemn contraception and sexual relationships outside marriage frond apon. Christians also believe that pornography is not acceptable because it promotes the degradation of human beings. Because every individual should be treated with respect.


Corinthians 6:19, 20a

'that your body is a temple to the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?... honor God with your body'


Do Christians believe that there should be restrictions on the portrayal of sex and violence in the media?

yes, Because due to Christians not believing in sex till marriage etc.. and also the fact the many churches condemn contraception etc..


What are christian attitudes to films and books that focus on religious messages?

Christians believe that it is good that films and books are spreading religious messages, however not all films, books etc... are spreading the right messages. Also by advertising Christianity like this it can be taking away the free will of god.


How are religious figures portrayed in the media?

In the media religious figures tend to be very stereotypical. A example of this would be Ned Flanders of the Simpsons. They also seem to be happy etc... Many Christians believe that god should never be represented in films or in pictures because no one knows what god looks like and it is not right for god to be represented by anything. Most Christians there for think that religious figures should not be portrayed at all if they are in danger of being portrayed badly.


Should there be restrictions on the portrayal of religious figures in the media?

Many Christians do think that there should be heavy restriction on the portrayal of religious figures in the media. Because if something is said incorrectly about something it can effect many people. However people may not think so because they are not religious and some people may find it entertaining making jokes about religious people, it is a very split decisions.


What are christian attitudes to being christian in the modern world?

Christianity has had to change to keep up with the changing world, for example woman's rights. Many Christians think that the increasing levels of blasphemy, bad language and violence need to be stop and that something should be done about it. This is because TV is spreading bad things about Christianity that are so sometimes not true.


Define Glorified?

Making something look alot better then it actually is.


Define Sensationalism?

crude overload, sex, horror.


Define Censorship?

The suppression of part or all books, films, TV etc.. that can be racist or offensive.


Define Freedom of Speech?

The freedom to express an opinion freely without fear of persecution


Define Lifestyle?

The way in which an individual chooses to live his/her life.


Define Role model?

An individual who represents a lifestyle that others attempt to follow.


Define Bias?

Favoring one person/ belief over another without openly admitting it.


Define Satire?

Criticizing a person or belief through humor.


Define Misrepresentation?

Presenting someone or something in an inaccurate way.


Define Respect?

The moral duty to show consideration to others and avoid offending them for the sake of it.


Define Pluralism?

the belief that we should build a society in which people are encouraged to express a range of views and lifestyle choices without fear or persecution.


Define Antagonism?

Disagreement/ hostility between groups that threaten to become violent or has done so in the past.


Define Obscenity?

Words and actions that are considered morally offensive and disgusting.