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What is god like in the old testiment?

God id described as perfect, so perfect the moses can not look at God 'Moses hid his face because he was afraid to look at god'


What was god like in the new testament?

God is described as loving and forgiving. Christians believe that he is the 'Supreme Being' God is perfect and has qualities that we will never have. Christians also say that if there is an ultimate good there must be an ultimate evil aswell (devil or Satan)


Christian beliefs about devil/saten?

Christians believe that the devil/saten rules over hell .Traditionally the devil was red in colour, with horns and a tail carrying a pitch fork. Christians believe that the devil was an angel that was cast out from heaven


Jobs the devil had to do?

Tempt Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
Tests Job, causing him suffering to try and make him loses faith in god.
Tempts jesus, offering him great power and riches.


How people understand good and evil?

Christians believe that god is good and he is someone you should follow and meanwhile, the devil or saten is bad and he often tempts people into doing things such as eating the apple in the Garden of Eden.


Why do people suffer?

One of the commonest reasons people give for not believing in God is because of suffering and evil in the world.


What is the difference between suffering and evil?

Suffering and evil are closly linked ideas but they do not have the same meaning. Try to use the words precisely. Suffering describes bad things that happen to a humans; evil describes the causes of human suffering, so evil is the causes of suffering as a result


Human evil (moral evil) ?

This is when suffering is caused by humans acting in a way that is considered to be morally wrong. For example stabbing someone to rob them of there possessions.


Natural evil?

This is when suffering is caused by events that have nothing to do with humans, for example natural disasters, earthquakes of floods.


Why does god not prevent evil and suffering?

This is because if you do this you will take away peoples free will. God wants christians to live there life how they choose, not so they can t do what they want. This leads to human evil and suffering.
Also the balance of nature, the flood that kills some people, saves some other people, earthquakes that destroy cities, also create land in which to live on, this leads to natural evil and suffering.


What are religious responses to the problem of evil?

Free will: christians belive that god gives people free will, they can go about there lives as they choose. If god made people do what he wanted to do, people would be like puppets, this is why there is free will. However this means that humans can do bad things because humans can do what they want to do. This leads to human evil and suffering.
Augustine: god created everything including evil, christians say that god is good. However if god did create evil clearly he is not good. Augustine believes that evil is not a thing but could possible be in the absence of good.
Soul making: this theodicy holds that experiencing and resistant evil is the only way to produce the kind of genuine moral development and strength of character that god desires.


How do christians cope with suffering?

Christians believe that suffering strengthens a believers faith, and that god would not test a christian with more then they could bear. For most Christians prayer is the response to suffering and they cope by talking to god. Because humans have free will, we must accept and expect suffering. Resort to the ten commandments


The problem of evil?

This is because god did not prevent evil and suffering because of free will. If there is no free will then we would all be like robots. However the problem with having free will is that people can do things that is wrong they can be tempted into doing these things by the devil.
Also because of the balance of nature


what do Christians believe about suffering?

-that suffering is a test
-Christians have to accept natural suffering
-suffering is part of gods plan that is beyond us
-suffering is the punishment for sin
-evil tests you and challenges you not to sin
-god will not test Christians with more suffering then they can bare.


How do christians understand the bible?

Christians belive that the bible is a very old document, that was written by humans in the period of 100 years, it contains good teachings about god however it needs to be reinterpreted for today. Some people say that this is putting human beings above god. Christians also believe that the bible is the word of god, there are no errors in the bible. Parts of the bible we can't understand mean that we are not intelligent enough to understand it. Christians believe that the bible is the word of god there for it will enforce moral behaviour.


why do Christians feel that it is right to make moral decisions?

-christian make moral decisions to be more like god.
-Christians will make decisions that affect the least amount of people in the least possible way.
-if Christians follow gods code in being moral they will be rewarded after death.


why does god not prevent evil?

-the balance of nature
-free will


What is the devil?

the devil is ultimate evil and tests people with temptation such as Job and Jesus.


Define Good?

What is morally right, what is best for humans, for the greater good and to help others.


Define Evil?

What bis morally wrong, what causes suffering and what prevents humans from flourishing in accordance with God's will.


Define The Devil?

Symbol of evil in the Christian tradition, fallen angel and enemy of god.


Define Free will?

the ability to make moral choices, given to humans by God according to christian.


Define The Fall?

the name given to the account of Adam and Eve's sin and its consequences (Genesis 2-3)


Define Original sin?

The mistake (sin) made by Adam and Eve that brings evil and suffering into creation.


Define Redemption?

The forgiveness of sin offered to all humans by Jesus/the promise of reconciliation with god.


Define Theodicy?

Religious attempts to answer or explain the problem of evil.


Define suffering?

The experience of pain and distress, physical e.g. broken leg and mentally.


Define Conscience?

The 'internal' voice helping us decide between what is right and what is wrong, Christians believe that this is given by god. It is also the source of our feeling of guilt.


Define Humanism?

The belief that humans, not God, determine what is right and what is wrong (this is a non-religious view)


The Fall?

God created Adam and Eve and they lived in the Garden of Eden. Everything was perfect until Eve was tempted to eat forbidden fruit by the serpent or the devil. This is known as the fall. It shows that right from the start, humans have rebelled against God.