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Define Reason?

The ability to think logically and arrive at justified conclusions.


Define revelation?

God revealing truth to humans


Define general revelation?

Revelation that is potentially available to all humans through nature e.g. the beauty of creation, used by Christians as evidence for gods existence.


Define special revelation?

This is a revelation that is directed at a particular individual or group e.g. God speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai.


Revelations through mystical and religious experiences.

Many Christians experience a conversion that is caused by god talking to them which causes them to change there beliefs, the best account of a conversion is of Saul's conversion (REED IN BOOK)
Many Christians also feel contact with good through nature, this is because they believe that nature is simply to complex and it must have a maker. (PALI AND THE WATCH)


Revelation in Christianity?

In Christianity a revelation describes how a believer reaches a deeper understanding of god in a personal way. This is normally through the world around him or through sacred texts. these experiences bring people closer to god.


How does god revel himself through the world?

God may revel himself to people through nature, Christians believe this because they think that nature is so complex that it must have a creator. Example of this would be Pali and the watch.


How does god revel himself through the person of Jesus?

Through Jesus god reveled many things, such as the fact that he is kind and loving, and that god is there to talk to and can help. Also to show that in Christianity you are free will to do what you want so you can choose to sin if you wish. etc.. Also to bring humanity closer to god and to redeem the human race form original sin (When he was executed on the cross)


How and why is the Bible important to Christians?

Christians believe that the bible is a sacred text (the word of god) This means it is holy as it believed to be the revealed word of god. Many types of christian interpret the bible in different ways but they all believe that it is the word of god. some Christians believe that the bible is without error etc...


What does the bible tell us about its own authority?

The bible was written by humans in the 100 years after Christ and is not written by god so there is a possibility that it may be corrupt. But it also says that the bible is sacred and it should be obeyed and the teachings should be obeyed.


How might Christians base their lives on the teaching of the bible?

Christians often read the bible everyday and base there lives around the bible, how much you base your life on the bible depends on what type of christian you are. Christians believe that there are passages in the bible that guide you and help you make choices in life. Jesus gave Christians moral direction and teaching in the PARABLES throughout the gospels. Also Christians might mimic Jesus in what he does to be wise and display courage.


Does the wisdom of the bible depend on whether or not the source of the bible is authoritative?

You must pass on the message of the bible and tell the next generation that it is authoritative. ASK!!!!


Define Charismatic worship?

A form of special revelation in which special gifts etc.. The ability to see visions, cure illnesses etc. are supposedly given to certain humans by God.


Define Verbal inerrancy?

The idea that every word in the bible is chosen inspired by god, and as a result the bible contains no errors.


What is it like experience a conversion?

You feel personally contact with god that will change your beliefs. One of the main accounts of this happening in the bible was Sauls conversion Acts 9: 1-6


Define Conversion?

Changing from one set of beliefs to another, sometimes as a result of a special revelation. (Saul on the road to Damascus)


Define Meditation and prayer?

the act of contemplation -'thinking about'- God and asking for his intercession (e.g. the lords prayer)


Define Sacred texts?

Writings understood by Christians to contain God's revelation to humans (the word of God)


Define Authority?

In this context, the reason why a certain piece of writing is considered important (for Christians because it is the word of god.)


Define the Old Testament?

According to Christians, the first part of God's revelation to humans: Contains the creation story and the history of the Jewish people.


Define the New Testament?

According to Christians the second part of gods revelation to humans: the new covenant, contains stories of the life of Jesus (the gospels and Paul's letter)


Define The Vatican II?

Meeting of the Roman Catholic Church in the 1960s to decide changes in Church teachings and practice in response to certain changes in society whilst remaining true to christian values


How might Christians use reason to understand god?



Give reasons ways that god has revealed himself?

Through Jesus and also through special and general revelations, examples of which include Saul's conversion


How do fundamentalist interpret the bible?

They take the bible literally, for example, the world was created in seven days, they believe in the Virgin birth and the bodily resurrection of Jesus and his imminent return.


How do conservatives interpret the bible?

They believe the word of the bible, but they also think it has to be taken in context of when it was written. For example, they may have different views on woman Priests and gay marriages.


How do liberal Christians interpret the bible?

Someone who accepts the basic truths of Christianity but who does not regard these truths as the most important truths in the world. In other words, a liberal Christian is someone who accepts at least some propositions that are essential to Christianity (The life of Jesus, God created the universe etc.)


How do the secular interpret the bible?

Is the state of being separate from religion, or not being exclusively allied or against any particular religion.


'The bible is the word of god' Discuss this statement

Use views of the bible


Why is the bible important to Christians?

This is because it contains information about how the world began and the story of Christianity. It is also something to resort to in despret situations. Christians are able to look up to see what Jesus did in there situation etc.