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Bereiter and Englemann (language)

Language spoken by low income black Americans as inadequate for educational success.


Moynihan (family structure)

Lone women family led, struggle financially so lack of role models. This leads to a cycle - the children eventually become their parents.


Sewell (fathers)

black boys lack male role models and the tough love. Boys can then join gangs and have loyalty there.


Lupton (Asian families)

Adult authority resembles that of teachers in schools.


Driver (criticisms of cultural deprivation theory)

Black Caribbean girls have strong women figures, explains why black girls are doing well in education.


Palmer (material deprivation)

Half of Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers earns under £7 an hour compared to 1/4 of white British workers.
Ethnic minorities are X2 more likely to be unemployed than whites.


Rex (Racism in wider society)

Discrimination means that minorities are more likely to be forced into substandard accommodation than white people of the same class.


Gillborn and Mirza (black primary school)

Black children were the highest achievers on entry to primary school yet by GCSE were the worst result of any ethnic result.


Gillborn and Youdell ( Teachers)

Teachers were quicker to discipline black pupils than others for the same behaviour.


Archer (pupil identities)

Ideal pupil- white, m/c, masculine and normal sexuality.
Pathologised pupil- Asian families, feminised identity, hard work over natural ability.
Demonised pupil - w/c, hyper sexuality, unintelligent and under achiever.


Fuller (Rejecting negative labels)

London black girls rejected negative labelling and achieved well even when they were normally put in low streams.


Mirza (types of teacher racism)

Colour blind- believe all pupils are the same but in practice allow racism.
Liberal chauvinists- believe black pupils are culturally deprived and have low expectations.
Overt racists- believe blacks are inferior and actively discriminate against them.


Sewell (Variety of boys response)

Rebels- small minority of black pupils, rejected goals and rules of the school. Joined anti-school subcultures.
Conformists- largest group. wanted to succeed and accepted goals and rules of the school.
Retreatists- small group, disconnected from school and black subcultures and despised by rebels.
Innovators- second largest group, pro education but anti school.


Gillborn (school)

Institutional racism, locked in equality at school.


Gillborn (marketisation)

schools get more chance to choose due to marketisation, less likely to chose minorities based on stereotypes.


David (curriculum)

British focused, ignores non- European languages.


Gillborn (IQism)

teachers have remade expectations, hindering minorities.