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Education- Pass rates

5 A*-C
79% Chinese
72% Indian
49% Black Afro Caribbean
58% British
11% Gypsy


Workplace- distribution sector

ethnic minority men are overrepresented in certain sectors. Distribution sector
70% bangladeshi
58% Chinese
47% Indians
(Labour Market Trends)


Workplace- Police

8/266 police inspectors are BME
(Secret Policeman)


Workplace- refusal in jobs

found 1 in 5 economically active members of ethnic minorities felt that they were refused jobs for racial reasons.


Family - Hypermasculine

Afro-Caribbean boys from single parents families look up to hypermasculine male role models in the media eg. 50 Cent and so turn to crime. (Sewell)


Crime - Stop and Search B+A

Black and Asian people are 10% more likely to be stopped and searched. (Home Office)


Crime - Stop and Search B

In 2011/12 black people were 3x more likely to be stopped and searched (Ministry of Justice)


Media - Black rep

8/10 black characters shown as competitive in sport. 86% of black female characters are presented as victims
(Children Now)


Health - Illness

Chinese men and women are half as likely to report a long lasting illness than white men and women. (ONS)


Health - Life expectancy

The life expectancy of gypsies and travellers are approx 30 years less than the majority population at about 50 years old.