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Education pass rates

73% of girls achieved 5 A*-C grades at GCSE compared to 64% of boys.


Education post 16

82% of girls and 72% of boys stayed on in education post 16.


Wokplace average earning gap

In April 2014, the gender pay gap for all employees was 19.1% in its Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE)


Workplace finance sector pay gap

In the finance sector the gender pay gap is 55%
(Fawcett Society)


Workplace- worker increase

number of male workers in the last 30 years has risen by 0.5 million in comparison to women with 2.45 million


Workplace- mp numbers

191 out of 650 MP’s are women


Workplace- self employment

3.8 million people are self employed, mostly men, since 1997


Workplace- Teachers

66% of teachers in secondary schools were female but only 30% of females were heads


Workplace- executives

female executives earned £13,655 less than the average male executive


Family- Carers

women in full time employment spend nearly 30% more time on childcare than men 62% of carers of elderly or disabled relatives are women
(Fawcett Society)


Family- Dads in childcare

found that 65% of dads did not feel confident in their roles and felt that women were ‘naturally’ better at childcare.


Crime male

men aged 16-19 most likely to be victims of homicide and in 2006 80% of offenders were male
(Home Office)


Media- women in films

Out of top 100 film characters of all time, only 21 are female.
(Total Films magazine)


Health- hospital vistis

women go to the doctor 50% more than men and have longer hospital stays- women are more likely to get mental illnesses e.g. depression


Health- Life expectancy

man’s life expectancy is 77, womens is 8
(Social Trends)