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Education- Oxbridge

poor pupils 55 times less likely to go to Oxbridge (BBC)


Education- Private schools to Oxbridge

approx 7% of children who go to private schools 45% of whom go to Oxbridge (ONS)


Education- Backgrounds

59% of children from higher professional backgrounds were in Higher Education compared to only 19% of the children of routine workers (DFE)


Education- Free school meals

35% of pupils entitled to free school meals gained 5 GCSEs at A* - C compared to an average of 58% (DFE)


Workplace- Manual occupation backgrounds

12.8% of students at Cambridge and 11.5% at Oxford are from a manual occupation background


Workplace- Rich to poor

household wealth of the top 10% of the population excluding bankers and executive workers is 100 times higher than the poorest 10% (The Hills Report)



argue that 41% of prisoners are from the lowest social classes, when only 19% of the overall population are from the lowest classes. (Walmsey et al)


Health- Life expectancy men

Life expectancy is 78 for men in middle class areas and 76 for men in poor areas
(Wilkinson and Pickett


Health- Life expectancy

women live 7.4 years longer than men living in lower classes (Healthcare commission)


Health- Teenage Motherhood

teenage motherhood is 7 times as common amongst those from manual labour background (Healthcare Commission)