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What evidence is there for breathing exercises in COPD?

Holland et al 2012
- Breathing exercises over 4-15 weeks improves functional exercise capacity in COPD patients compared to no intervention, but no consistent effects on dyspnoea or QOL


What evidence is there for IMT?

Shoemaker et al 2009
- IMT appears to improve dyspnoea, walking test & QOL in COPD patients

Hill et al 2010
- Chronic COPD IMT prescription


What evidence is there for pursed lipped breathing?

Bhatt 2012
- Acute increase in exercise capacity (6 min walk test) in stable COPD patients


What evidence is there for PEP?

Johnston & James 2013
- Written survey, found regularly employed for people with cardiorespiratory conditions


What evidence is there for the criteria for PPCs?

Scholes et al 2009
- Outlined 5 predictors for high risk of PPC
- Anaesthetic time, surgery type, respiratory co-morbidity, smoker, predicted VO2 max


What evidence is there for mobilisation for abdominal surgery patients?

Mackay et al 2005
- addition of DB and coughing exercises to early mobilisation does not significantly reduce incidence of clinically significant PPCs

Haines et al 2013
- Patients 3 times more likely to develop PPCs for each day they did not mobilise away from bed


What evidence is there for pre-op physio in cardiac surgery patients?

Snowden et al 2014
- Pre-op intervention (IMT, education, exercise and relaxation) reduces LOS in pts >63yo, risk of PPCs & time to extubation


What evidence is there for deep breathing exercises in cardiac surgery patients?

Brasher et al 2013
- Addition of DB exercises does not significantly alter patient outcomes
- No significant difference in PPCs, LOS, oxyhaemoglobin saturation & pulmonary function


What evidence is there for mobilisation for acutely ill patients?

Stiller & Phillips 2003 (lit review)
- Assess if the potential risks outweigh the benefits to establish when considering mobilisation


What evidence is there for shoulder exercises post thoracotomy?

Reeve et al 2010
- No difference in PPCs & LOS
- For most patients early mobilisation is enough to prevent PPCs
- But also found exercise group had less total pain scores & better shoulder function at 1 & 3 months follow up