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Why has jealousy evolved?

To eradicate competition which then increased likelihood of passing of genes


How are aggression and jealousy linked?

Jealousy can be a precursor to aggression


What is the trigger for jealousy in males?

Sexual infidelity- decreases chance of him passing on genes & less sure child is his


What is the trigger for jealousy in females?

Emotional infidelity- makes her less sure she'll get his resources


Males aggression has evolved to prevent what?

Cuckoldry - tricked into investing resources in children which aren't their own


Which aggressive behaviours can arise due to threat of cuckoldry?

Sexual coercive tactics & murder


What did Camilleri find about sexual coercive tactics?

Risk of partner infidelity predicted likelihood of these tactics (inc. rape & sexual assault) as it ensures his genes are passed on


What did Daly & Wilson find about murder?

Many partner homicides commuted by men who had just been left/about to be left. Murder prevents cuckoldry


Who researched infidelity and jealousy?

Buss et al (X2) and Buss & Dedden


What does the evolutionary explanation suggest?

Aggression improved survival and reproductive chances of individuals


When Buss et al set up mutually exclusive scenarios what did they find?

Males most distressed by sexual infidelity 61% compared to females 13%
Women most distressed by emotional infidelity 87% relative to males 39%


What did Buss & Dedden find?

Women tend to criticise appearance and sexual promiscuity of other women to reduce their potential rivals' attractiveness


What did Buss et al do in their 1992 study?

US student put in room by themselves, think of 3 scenarios(neutral, emotion & sexual infidelity) whilst EDA, pulse rate and muscle activity in brow area was being measured


What does EDA stand for?

Electro-dermal activity


What did Buss et al 1992 find?

Men showed increased pulse rate & more EDA in sexual infidelity.
Women showed more brow furrowing in emotional infidelity situation


Too simplistic point: what other explanations could explain aggression & jealousy?

May be linked to social expectations & jealousy may be result of people following stereotypes


What are the practical applications?

Predict that jealousy on part of partner may lead to aggression allowing family & friends to intervene.
Also in relationship counselling.


What evaluation point suggests that this explanation can't be applied to all couples?

Aggression in gay couples as aggression not evolved in males to try keep their mates to improve reproductive chances as gay couples can't reproduce but still feel jealousy


What are the methodological issue of some of the research?

Buss et al relied on questionnaires but people may not be honest about jealousy as it's not socially positive behaviour. Based on forced choice so doesn't get a true answer