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What is the purpose of the group displays of aggression?

To improve the survival and reproductive chances of the group and therefore the individual


What may group aggression lead to?

Better access to territory, resources, food and mating partners and increased status


What are the 2 explanations within group displays of aggression?

Xenaphobia and the power threat hypothesis


What is xenophobia?

An irrational fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange


What do acts of group display of aggression include?

Lynch mobbing and violence at sports events


How does xenophobia manifest itself?

Through suspicion of out-groups activities, aggression and desire to eliminate opposing groups presence


What does identification with an in group and rejection of the out-group make people feel?

Like they're affiliated with a dominant group so have superiority over subordinate groups


How does the in-group show territorial dominance?

By creating a 'home' environment which is hostile for the opposition


How does xenophobia link to aggression?

Dominant group makes you more likely to have access to resources, food & mating partners so more likely to survive & reproduce


How is xenophobia linked to sporting events?

At Football matches xenophobia manifests through racist chants relating to opposing team to create a hostile environment for them


Who did research into xenophobia?

Podaliri Bolestri. Shwarz and Barkey


What did Podaliri & Bolestri do?

Assessed behaviour of football match crowds in Italy in terms of aggressive behaviour


What did Podaliri and Bolestri find?

Aggressive chants strengthened cultural identity so difference between supporters emphasised


What did Shwarz and Barkey find?

Home teams win more teams at home due to social support or home plans & hostility directed at opposition


What is the practical application of xenophobia?

Help sports clubs reduce xenophobia & therefore aggression (my friend is a foreigner- German clubs shirt slogan)


What is the other evaluation points of xenophobia?

Is it genuine aggression or more ritualised aggression at sporting events?


What did the research of marsh suggest?

Aggression at sporting events often ritualise as it is like standard practice to chant at opposition