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What sector is a MNC in?

The private sector


Why do PLC’s want to expand into MNC’s?

To reduce production costs - cheaper labour/land

Penetrate new markets

Escape government regulation at home


What is a MNC?

Operate in more than one country


What is desk research?

Information that already exists


Advantages and disadvantages of desk research?

-cost effective

-old info therefore out of date
-may not be specific to your needs
-can be biased


What are the benefits of market research?

Helps businesses to make informed decisions so that product launches are a success

Reduces the risk of an unsuccessful product launch

Customers feel valued as their opinions are taken into consideration


Desk research can be qualitative or quantitative, what is the difference?

Qualitative is based on someone’s opinion, quantitative is factual - can be measured/counted


What is field research?

Where someone physically goes out and collects new and specific information

Primary and first hand


Advantages of field research?

-Reliable, relevant and specific
-Valuable as specific to your purpose/organisation

-Costly and time consuming


Name the methods of field research?

Personal interview
Hall tests
Focus groups


Describe questionnaires/surveys and the advantages/disadvantages?

Involves asking people their opinions through a serious of questions.

-large geographical area can be targeted

-not always a high response level
-clarification can’t be gained so questions may be skipped


Describe personal interview and it’s advantages/disadvantages?

When people meet face-to-face and a number of questions will be asked - usually between a manager and potential employee.

Advantages -
Clarification can happen if questions are not understood
Information is obtained instantly

Disadvantages -
Time consuming
Expensive as interviewers need to paid
Analysis can take a long time


Describe hall tests and their advantages/disadvantages

A product is given to consumers to test out, they can give feedback and opinions.

Advantages -
Diverse group can be asked
First hand information

Disadvantages -
People may feel they need to give positive feedback


Describe focus groups and their advantages/disadvantages

When a group of people are asked for their views on a product/topic

Advantages -
First hand information is gathered
Lots of opinions will be gathered

Disadvantages -
People may feel they can’t disagree or share bad opinions


What is random sampling and it’s advantages/disadvantages?

This involves randomly selecting people from a list, these people then take part in a method of field research.

Advantages -
No chance of bias as it’s a random group
Many opinions and views can be gathered

Disadvantages -
Group is made up of all different target markets:unfocused
Doesn’t take into consideration personal differences e.g. age


What is quota sampling and it’s advantages/disadvantages?

People are selected based on certain characteristics: age, gender, etc

Advantages -
Less expensive to carry out compared with random sampling as fewer resources are needed
Results will be focused as the group is specific

Disadvantages -
May have bias results as group has been specifically selected
All members of group have the same characteristics, they may all have the same views and opinions


What is traditional appraisals and it’s advantages/disadvantages?

A 2-way meeting between 2 members of staff to discuss the employees performance and set targets for the future.

Advantages -
Positive feedback can motivate employee
Strong relationships can be formed

Disadvantages -
Negative feedback can demotivate employee
Areas of development being highlighted can stress the employee
Time consuming


What are peer to peer appraisals and their advantages/disadvantages?

When the appraisal is carried out by a colleague at the same level in the organisation

Advantages -
Relaxed as feedback is given by a colleague

Disadvantages -
Personal relationships could interfere


What is a 360 degree appraisal and it’s advantages/disadvantages?

Conducted by the HR manager or line manager, fellow colleagues are also interviewed about the employees performance

Advantages -
A complete employee profile is gained

Disadvantages -
Some employees may find it difficult to be critical about their colleagues


Describe VLE (virtual learning environment) and it’s advantages/disadvantages

Allows employees to access training materials online.

Advantages -
Access training materials
Submit assignments and assessments
Chat with other learners or experts
Can be accessed from anywhere

Disadvantages -
Costly to set up


How can cash flow be improved?

Find a cheaper supplier
Sell any unused assets
Apply for a loan from the bank
Offer discounts for cash paying customers
Increase advertising


What are the advantages of inventory management systems?

They ensure there is enough stock available when needed

Ensure production does not stop

Avoid delays

Ensure overstocking doesn’t happen

Avoids stock deteriorating


What is labour intensive and it’s advantages/disadvantages?

Where a business uses a larger proportion of human input than machinery

For creative industries

Advantages -
No expensive equipment
Unique products

Disadvantages -
Expensive and time consuming to recruit and train
Training takes time
Quality can vary - mistakes can happen


What is capital intensive and it’s advantages/disadvantages?

Where the production process relies more on machinery and equipment instead of human input

Advantages -
Can work 24/7
Standardised quality
Saves wages

Disadvantages -
Machinery/equipment is expensive and breakdowns can happen
Customisation is difficult


What do qualify standard stamps show?

That the business has met the agreed quality/safety standards.

Business is therefore viewed in a good light, generating more sales.


How can technology be used when managing people?

Internet - to advertise vacancies
Video-conferencing - to interview
Presentation software - for meetings
Databases - store employee details


Describe the political factor

Government decisions can influence a business
-changes to law, legislation etc


Describe the economical factor

Anything that encourages people to spend or not spend

Boom - high demand
Recession - unemployment is high therefore demand falls
Recovery - sales increase as employment does


Describe the social factor

The way in which society changes - consumers wants and needs


Describe the technological factor

Increased use of social media etc

Businesses need wifi, cloud computing, social media etc