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What U.S. state had the most avalanche fatalities over the last 60 years?



True or False: A big factor that controls snowfall in the western United States is elevation.



As a storm system (extratropical cyclone, fronts, upper level through, jetstreak) moves from the Pacific Ocean over the mountains of the western U.S. you would expect its low features to __________ and its upper level features to __________.

Be disrupted, Remain Intact


At the latitude of San Fransisco in what order dopes air moving from west to east off of the Pacific Ocean encounter the mountains of the western United States?

Coast Range, Sierra Nevada, Wasatch Range, Rocky Mountains.


Upslope flow in Boulder, CO occurs if there is high pressure located ____ of Colorado and low pressure is located _____ of colorado.

North, South


For west winds across the Rocky Mountains, Boulder would be located on the ____________ side of the mountains and you would expect ___________ skies in Boulder.

Leeward, Mostly Sunny


As air descends dry adiabatically from 3,000 m near the crest of the Rocky Mountains to 1,500 m near Boulder, CO you would expect the air to warm approximately _____ degrees C.



You would expect the warmest downslope winds in Boulder, CO if the air originated over _____________ and a __________ amount of latent heat was released on the windward side of the mountains.

The Pacific Ocean, Large


Why do you think the Chinook winds cross more isobars than the Santa Ana winds (i.e., are farther from geostrophic)?

Bigger Mountains = More friction/Turbulance


KatabaLc winds occur as very cold and dense air spills off of high mtn ice fields. What path will they take as they descend the jagged mountains?

They will follow the lowest terrain (canyons) down the mountain.