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Talk, me through a planning app you have submitted

Ruabon - foodstore - outline app

Pre application meeting with council
Draw up attractive scheme plan to append as part of application
Filled in the online application form on planning portal
Supported with the supplementary docs:
Highways, EIA, retail impact statement, design and access, title docs, fee,
Went to committee - consultant and director spoke


Talk me through an appraisal you have done recently?

Grade II star listed building in Manchester

- inspected the building
- looked at data room
- worked with architects to design indicative scheme
- spoke to agents and looked at old projects for rents and costs
- spoke to investor for yield as HBD would not hold
- fed all info into appraisal and undertook sensitivity analysis
- bid off the basis of the most profitable and deliverable scheme


What level 3 advice to client have you given for planning?

Ruabon - foodstore - outline

Recommended for refusal
Criticised our sequential test and retail impact
I asked our planning consultants to look into retail impact
I examined some of the sites and discounted them one by one. In one example I looked at the udp where it was allocated for green space


Example of when you negotiated?

Bolton le sands

- 2 acre site in Lancashire
- negotiated 2 year option with no fee
- whilst marketing the site for house builders council changed policy on AFH contribs
- had to go back to landowner, had empathy as I was having to adjust price without giving him anything in return
- in the end agreed overage clause