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What are the client duties under cdm 2015?

Clients now responsible for design work
Welfare facilities
Allocating time and resource
Appointing contractors and designers with appropriate skill levels


What makes a project cdm notifiable?

More than 30 days continuously on site with 20 men or

500 man hours


What is the over arching health and safety act?

Health and safety at work at 1974


What RICS guidance is available on health and safety?

RICS Surveying Safely 2011


Principles of the h&s act 1974

Put responsibility on employers, employees and contractors
Unlimited fines and 2 years imprisonment
Link to cdm regs


What are the principal designer duties?

Plan manage monitor Heath and safety in the pre construction phase

Liaise with principal contractor on how to mitigate h&s risks


Is there any guidance available on the new cdm regs?

Yes - RICS publication 2015 "managing h&s in construction"