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Define molarity

A unit of concentration.
It is the concentration of a substance as measured by the number of moles divided by the volume of the solution it is in.


Define equivalence point

The point at which an acid and base have reacted so that neither is in excess


When is it possible to get the same equivalence point as the end point?

In the absence of human error during the conducting of the titration (I.e. no measurement errors are made during the titration) and an ideal titration is performed, resulting in the volume of the acid reacting exactly with the base


Why do you weigh by difference

Most accurate method to quantitatively measure the mass of a solid sample.
This method also accounts for material sticking to the original container, increasing the accuracy of the results


The Burette and pipette are each rinsed with distilled water, and finally are each rinsed with the solution to be measured or transferred.
The conical flask is rinsed with distilled water only.

- prevents contamination
- distilled water doesn’t affect the number of moles