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1. What is purpose of M700 time blasting fuse?

Provides a time delay


2. What is burning rate of M700 time blasting fuse?

Approximately, 40 seconds per foot


3. Describe M700 time blasting fuse

Issued in 50’ coils, black powder core, packed in green plastic cover, transmits a flame from an igniter to a non-electric blasting cap


4. What is R.E factor of Detonating cord?



5. How does detonating cord issued?

Issued in 100, 500, and 1000 ft lengths


6. What is the core of detonating cord?

PETN (white powder core) 54 grams per foot


7. What is N.E.W of 1000 ft PETN?

12.8 lbs


8. What is purpose of detonating cord?

Used to prime and detonate other explosives • Used alone functions as an explosive charge


9. What is DET cord transmit rate?

20,000 to 24,000 feet per second


10. When priming charges with DET cord, how long pigtail should be left?

6 inch


11. How deep moisture can penetrate the explosive filing of DET cord?

Maximum distance of 6 inches from any cut or break in the coating.


12. Describe DET cord

A flexible cord containing a fiber wrapped core of PETN. 0.2 inches in diameter• To avoid internal cracking do not step on it


13. What are two types of blasting caps?

Electric (M6) or non-electric (M7)


14. What is against U.S policy for blasting caps?

It is against U.S policy to bury blasting caps


15. How does blasting cap function?

Function by transmitting either a small flame or a pulse of electricity into a detonation wave


16. What is disadvantage of blasting caps?

Extremely sensitive to shock and heat


17. How much energy do M6 electric blasting caps need to function?

1.5 AMP / 3 VOLTS to initiate
As little as .250 (1/4) amp could set off an M6


18. What must you do when checking continuity on M6?

Always ground yourself before unshunting wire, M6 should be under a sandbag or demo bag w/o demo in it


19. What does an electric initiating set consist of

CD450-4J blasting machine (power source)
RL39A Firing wire
M51 Blasting cap test set


20. When misfire on an electrical initiating set how do you clear misfire?

Use a new power source, clear misfire with power source. Misfires may be investigated immediately


21. what does a non-electrical initiating set consist of

M60/M81 initiator-source of ignitionM700 time fuse- time blasting fuseM7 non-electric blasting cap


22. Describe M7 Non-electric blasting cap

Used with M700 time fuse or DET CordContains an ignition charge, lead styphinate, intermediate charge, lead azide, and a base charge of RDX, PETN or HMX


23. What makes easy to use M7 with M700 or DET Cord?

M7 blasting cap flared at the open end which allow easy insertion of time fuse or DET Cord


24. What is purpose of M1A4 Priming adapter?

To secure blasting caps into explosives with threaded cap wells


25. What is purpose of M8 Blasting Cap holder?

To secure blasting cap onto sheet explosives, may be used as a DET Cord clip


26. What is purpose of M1 DET Cord clip?

To splice DET Cord or attach branch lines• Faster and more efficient than tying knots


27. What is purpose of M2 CAP CRIMPER?

To attaches non-electric blasting cap on time fuse and DET Code, it has built in stop to limit amount of CRIMP applied


28. What are the two authorized types of M2 CAP Crimper?

Single and double


29. What are the characteristics of M2 crimper?

two Jaws: top jaw for crimping bottom jaw for cutting time fuse and det cordtwo Legs: pointed end for priming wells and flat end is a standard bit screwdriver.• Coated in a black oxidized finish to prevent sparking


30. What is the only authorized uses of a demolition multi-tool?

Use of knife on tool in order to cut shock tube and C4 punch to prime cap wells are the only authorized use of tool