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Conventional farming

Uses chemicals in the form of plant protectants and fertilizers and intensive hormone based practices to breed and raise animals


What are some concerns with conventional large scale agriculture practises?

Health concerns associated with the use of pesticides/herbicides and growth hormones
Carbon emissions generated through food production and distribution across countries and continents


Local food

is food that is produced within a 100 mil radius


Food Miles

Measures the distance a food item travels from producer to consumer


Challenges associated with relying on "food miles" to reduce food carbon footprint

- Food miles is a relatively small percentage of the overall footprint of food
- The type of food being eaten may have a bigger influence on carbon emissions
Eg.) eating meat grown locally may have larger emissions than veggies that were grown farther away


Benefits of eating local:

- It suppers local/organic farmers which reduces the risk of development on prime agriculture lands