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How do feminists view religion?

Feminists see religion as a set of beliefs that legitimate women’s subordinate position in society.


What do Liberal and difference feminists say about religion?

+ A... S...... sociologists
+ B..... example

They argue that women haven’t always been subordinate in religion, ARMSTRONG argued that in some religions such as Hinduism, women were placed at the centre, Brahma, a Hindu female god is an example of this.


What are some positive feminist arguments of religion today?

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Some sociologists even today argue that religion has reformed to serve women equally, an example of which is the introduction of Libby lane being the first female bishop of the COE in 2011.


What are the first 2 examples of patriarchy in religion?

1)Religious organisations, e.g Orthodox Judaism forbids women from becoming priests & Armstrong argues this is evidence of religious female marginalisation.

2) Places of worship, often segregate women & within Islam menstruating women cannot enter mosques.


What a 2 further examples of patriarchy in religion?

1)Sacred texts, largely exclusively feature male gods e.g Eve, in the bible story of genesis causes the downfall of humanity by eating a forbidden apple.

2) Religious laws and customs, often give men more rights than women in access to divorce and dress codes etc. They may also lead to unequal treatment such as the banning of abortion in Catholicism.
E.g the process of female genital mitigation also benefits the sexual pleasure of men at the expense of women, showing male domination on religion.


What is an application point for patriarchy in religion?

When discussing patriarchy in religion ensure to point out that they come from a wide range of and effect all aspects of religion.


What is an analysis point for patriarchy in religion?
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EL SAADAWIS argues that religion wasn’t always patriarchal but rather was reformed by new recent patriarchal ideas, reshaping religion in the past few-hundred years.


What is religious feminism?

WOODHEAD disagrees with EL SAADAWIS views that religion has became more patriarchal instead arguing that it has became less so in a process called religious feminism, she believes women can use religion to gain greater status, freedom and respect.
E.g whilst westerners may view the Islamic viel as a symbol of oppression many hijab wearing women see it as a chance to embrace their religion whilst leaving the home.


What does R......... argue about religious feminism?

RINALDO argues that even in conservative religions, women gain greater respect for their role in the family and in Protestantism, there is a strong belief in respect for women.
This gives women large influence in religion & arguably the ability to shape men’s behaviour.


What is a Stained glass Ceiling?

When women are banned from top clergy positions in religion


What are 8 keywords for the feminist view on religion?

+ Patriarchy
+ Liberal/ difference feminism
+ Brahma
+ Libby Lane
+ Female Genital mutilation
+ Religious feminism
+ Hijab
+ Stained glass ceiling


What are the 4 sociologists with feminist theories on religion?

El Saadawis