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What are the three articulations of the fibula?

Proximal tibiofibular joint, distal tibiofibular joint, ankle joint


What is the proximal tibiofibular joint?

Facet on medial side of fibular head articulates with lateral condyle of tibia


What is the distal tibiofibular joint?

Fibula articulates with fibular notch of tibia


How does the fibula contribute to the ankle joint?

Articulates with talus bone of foot


Which nerve is found on the posterior and lateral surface of the fibular head?

Common fibular nerve (branches to give superficial and deep fibular nerves- deep fibular nerve innervates anterior leg muscles)


What prominent feature is found at the distal end of the fibula?

Lateral malleolus


What kind of movement can cause a spiral fracture of the fibula?

Lateral rotation (excessive/forced)