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What two structures are responsible for the pathology of primary hypogonadotropic hypogonadism? Give ex of secondary

lack of pituitary or hypothalmus function. secondary is due to anorexia, athletes or stress


What is responsible for the presence of Theca lutein cysts?

HIGH B-hcg levels from molar preg, chorioCA or clomiphene tx


What is savage's syndrome?

Ovarian receptor defect that leads to primary amenorrhea


What can cause chylocele (in the testes)?

Elephantiasis (Wucheria bancrofti)- lymph fluid within the tunica vaginalis


What are causes of microorchidism? Macroorchidism?

Micro- Kleinfelter, Myotonic dystrophhy. Macro- Fragile X syndrome


How does restriction on rotating and SB affect the sagittal plane?

The more restriction in rotating or SB, then MORE restriction on extension/flex/neutral... this is why we name E/F for the MOST free.


When can the freedom of the sagittal plane be ignored in dx?

When dx the cervical spine. C2-7 will ALWAYS have rot and SB on SAME side. and OA and AA will ALWAYS have rot and SB on opposite sides


What is a reflex arc?

when spinal cord facillitation causes a reflex stimulation elsewhere (hypertonicity, spasms or referred pain)


What are the 4D's in med malpractice?

Duty, Dereliction (doing or omitting something that is standard), Damages, Direct cause


What is Res Ipsa Loquitur?

"thing speaks for itself" when the duty and dereliction are obvious and the only thing that needs to be proved are Damages and direct cause


What is respondeat superior?

Physician is responsible for actions of his/her employees that result in harm


What is Primum non nocer?

Above else, DO NO HARM


What is the difference between a durable or non-durable power of attorney?

Durable- remains in effect after the patient becomes incapacitated (advanced directives must be durable!)


What is DNR?

CPR is withheld but other treatment is not


What is HMO?

Physician gets a set amount monthly based on how many pts are "assigned" to them. Not based on how many are seen or how frequently. Require a referral.


What is boutique medicine?

When annual fee is paid by patient for unlimited visits and additional services (PT, OT, nutrition)


What are a few new requirements of ACA (obamacare)?

All policies must have preventative medicine, mental health, substance abuse disorder benefits along with general medical benefits.