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What are the 3 parts that the small intestine consists of?

1. Duodenum
2. Jejunum
3. ileum


What are the three levels of folding?

1. Plicae
2. Crypt-villus system
3. the micorvilli


In the lower GI each villus contains a core of.......

lamina propria


What do the crypts extend down between?

the bases of the villi


What are the four cells of the crypt?

1. goblet cells
2. enterocytes
3. paneth cells
4. enteroendocrine cells


Where are glands of Brunner found and what do they secrete?

Found in the duodenum and secrete mucous and bicarbonate ion


In the small intestine highly eosiniphilic paneth cells are located in the ______ ______ and produce _______ to control interinal flora.

basal crypts, lysozyme


what is the appearance of villi o fthe duodenum?

wide with a spatulate or "leaflike" distal shape and deep crypts of lieberkuhn with brunner's glands with excretory ducts in submucosa.


The jejunum and ileum have villi that are______________ __________; crypts of lieberkuhn _____ but there are no glands in the submucosa.

longer and narrow (shorter in the ileum); present


What epithelium with cryts is found in the large intestine? What type of villi?

Simple columnar epithelium, there are no villi.


Where is most of the immune system found? How is it typically found?

Found in the intestine and is often found in the form of aggregations of lymphoid tissue referred to as Peyer's patches.


What do the plasma cells located in the Peyer's patches secrete?