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What does CCH stand for?

Computerized Criminal History (Page 5)


Any action which results in termination or indeterminate suspension of the prosecution of a criminal charge (the final result of the prosecution)

Disposition (Page 7)


A person charged with the commission of a felony or a misdemeanor may be photographed and his fingerprints may be taken for law enforcement records only when

-Arrested or committed to a detention facility
-Committed to imprisonment after conviction of a crime
-Convicted of a felony
-If a person cannot be identified by ID
(Page 6)


When the defendant is fingerprinted pursuant to G.S. 15A-502 and prior to the disposition of the case, a report of the disposition of the charges will be made to the SBI within how many days?

60 (page 8)


When can you transfer a juvenile to a superior court

After notice, hearing, AND finding of probable cause and is 13 years+ and the offense was a felony if committed by an adult (page 9)


How many days after a defendant is found guilty of any felony change should the disposition be sent to the SBI?

60 (page 8)


When must a LEO fingerprint and photograph a delinquent juvenile

-Complain for filling a petition is prepared
-1 or more nondivertilbe offenses
-at least 10 years old
-in physical `custody of the LEO
(page 10)


True/False: When jurisdiction of a juvenile is transferred to a superior court the juvenile needs to be fingerprinted and the fingerprints sent to local police department

False: Needs to be transfer to the SBI
(Page 10)


True/False 16 and 17 year olds arrested with probable cause for a criminal offense should be fingerprinted and photographed like adults

True (page 11)


Can you Fingerprint "undisciplined" juvenile who is 16 or 17?

No because it is NOT a crime to be undisciplined (page 12)


If a person is arrested without a warrant when can a DNA sample be taken?

After a probable cause determination has been held (page 12)


What offenses will result in a DNA sample be stored by the Crime Laboratory in the State DNA databank?

-1st and 2nd degree murder
-rape and other sex offenses
-Felonious assaults
(Page 13)


What is the more infallible and impeccable method of identification?

Fingerprinting (Page 15)


What is a computer based system for reading, encoding, matching, storing and retrieving fingerprint minutiae and images?

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) (page 15)


How should all criminal fingerprint cards and final disposition reports be submitted to the SBI?

-First Class mail
-Interagency State Courier Service Mail Pick up
-In person
-Electronically Transmitted
(page 17)


When will the SBI return the fingerprints?

When they are of poor quality (page 17)


When sending a legible set of fingerprint cards through a live scan how long does it take to receive a response for SBI or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)?

less than 30 Minutes (and forwarded to the FBI in less than 2 hours) (Page 18)


How long are fingerprints kept in AFIS?

when the person turns 99 years old (page 19)


True/False Finger print cards of juveniles cannot be electronically transmitted to the SBI if they are not adjudicated.

True (Page 21)


When are fingerprints and photographs of juveniles destroy?

-Intake counselor or persecutor doesn't file a petition in a year
-court doesn't find probable cause
-juvenile is not adjudicated delinquent
(page 21)


What is the least amount of data to be put on the fingerprinting card for the SBI to accept?

-Subject's complete name
-subject's DOB
-Subject's sex
-Date of arrest
(page 29)


What additional information needs to be on the fingerprint card for the SBI to retain it?

-citation number or case number
-officer's name
-officer's number
-county of jurisdiction
(page 30)


What is the purpose of the final disposition report?

record initial date of an individual's arrest (page 30)


What information needs to be on the back of a photo?

-Case number
-Date photo was taken
-arresting agency
(page 35)


A statement of a person accused and ordered to appear in court to answer for charges based on probable cause

Criminal Summons (page 37)


Why cant a person be fingerprinted for a criminal summons when it is served?

Because they have not been arrested (they can only be fingerprinted if convicted of a felony) (page 37)


A directive issued by LEO for that person to appear in court and answer criminal charges

A citation (page 38)


What happens when a post-mortem fingerprint form is submitted

the deceased person criminal history records are purged (page 38)


When do you take foot prints?

in the rare instance that the person has no fingers (page 39)


What are the 3 basic fingerprint patterns?

(page 43, 44)


What is the best technique to roll a fingerprint

pressing the finger lightly on the card and rolling in exactly the same manner (page 46)


Poor impressions are a result of...

-poor or thing colored ink
-failure to clean the inking apparatus and fingers
-failure to roll the fingers from one side to the other
-use of too much ink
-not enough ink allow fingers to slip or twist
(page 48-49)


What are some temporary disabilities for finger printing?

-fresh cuts, wounds, bandaged fingers or blisters
- rough dry hands or worn ridges
-excessive perspiration
(page 49)


What are some permanent disabilities that can cause issue for fingerprinting?

-born without certain fingers
-crippled fingers, broken or bent
(page 50)


What are some deformities that can be problematic for fingerprinting?

-more than 10 fingers
-webbed fingers
-split thumbs
(page 51-52)