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What are the 3 subsystems of the fire protection system?

Chemical system
H2O system
Fire detection and alarm system


Does the fire protection and alarm system actuate anything?

No. It just initiates visual and audible alarms


What are the types of H2O systems?

Wet pipe, deluge, and pre-action


Where is CO2 flooding provided in the unit?

Battery rooms
ESF switchgear trains A & B


How are personnel alerted to a CO2 discharge?

There is a pre alarm prior to discharge of the automatic system, then there is a second alarm prior to discharge.
Post discharge there will be a wintergreen odor in the area indicating CO2.


Who can use the CO2 hose reels?

The fire department because an SCBA and turn out gear must be worn.


Where is the CO2 source located and what else does it supply?

Outside by the rad waste building. It also supplies CO2 for the purge of hydrogen from the main generator.


Where is halon used in the plant?

Remote shutdown rooms
Inverter room
Computer room
Communications room

Because it won't harm personnel unless it's exposed to high temps.


Where does water come from for the two fire main water storage tanks located at WRF?

A deep well pump. This is part of the DS system


What maintains header pressure on the fire main with no load?

A jockey pump


What system is used for early fire detection and notification?

QK system


Where does power for most of the fire detection panels come from?

QB essential lighting


How do the wet pipe sprinklers work and where are they located?

Pipe is filled with water. When the fusible link melts, water flows onto the area.
They are in general areas like the turbine building 100', 140', and 176' near main turbine oil lines


Where is deluge used?

Main feed pump turbines, transformers outside, and the lube oil room


What are the pre-action sprinklers?

If smoke detectors sense smoke, the deluge valve will open and the piping becomes pressurized. If the fusible link melts, the individual head will initiate flow.

These are used in safety related equipment rooms and the MSSS and the lower cable spreading rooms