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Where are wastes collected by the RD system sent?

to the LRS for processing


What areas is the RD system used to detect leakage in?

RCS, refueling pool, ESF equipment, and spent fuel pool


Where are the containment sumps and the reactor cavity sump vented to?

the containment building atmosphere


What flows into the ESF sumps?

drains from:
SDHX room
CS pump room
HPSI pump room
LPSI pump room
Pipe chase area room


How many ESF sump pumps are there?

2 trains, 2 sumps with 2 pumps each sump, so 4 pumps


Where is the non-ESF sump vented to?

the aux building HVAC exhaust duct


Which sump does the Charging Pump Oil Drain tank drain to?

The radwaste building sump. It is then pumped out of the tank with a portable pump to a 55 gallon drum.


What drains into the fuel building sump?

floor and equipment drains from throughout the fuel building
cask decon pit drain
fuel pool liner plate leak detector compartment
cask pit drain


What drains into the HUT area sump?

RMWT, holdup pump room and refueling water tank overflows
HUT overflow


Where is the decon/laundry sump located?

unit 1 only and it pumps to the chemical drain tanks


What is the power supply for all the RD pumps?



What happens to the RD system on a LOCA outside of containment?

The control room isolates the flowpath from the ESF and Non-ESF sumps to the radwaste building because we are not analyzed for this leakage outside the Aux building.