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Which NC heat exchanger is used for the PW T mod?

B is used for convenience


What NC loads can the PW T mod handle?

1) 1 SF pool HX
2) 2 normal chillers at 50% capacity
3) BAC at 40% load
4) LRS evap at 50% load
5) Aux steam vent condenser
more loads may be added at control room discretion


Describe the flowpath for the PW T mod.

Portable retention tank (dump truck bed) => 2 circulating pumps => NC HX "B" => 2 portable cooling towers = > portable retention tank


How is the PW T mod connected to the B NC HX?

Two fabricated adapters installed on the PW piping. Each adapter has 2 10" flanges plus an accessory flange for draining the HX.


How is water distributed over the top of the cooling towers?

by centrifugal spinners attached to each fan


Where does the water for the PW T mod come from?

A spray pond supplies fill and makeup via temp. makeup pumps. DS can be supplied from the return of the IA compressors when they are being operated on temp. cooling from DS.


What are the power sources for the PW T mod in each unit?

Unit 1 - Construction substation N through mobile substation R or Construction panel A4 or a portable generator to temp panel A
Unit 2 - Construction substation 100 or a portable 500kw diesel through mobile substation R
Unit 3 - construction substation 200 or a portable diesel through mobile substation R


How is blowdown back to the spray pond determined?

by chemistry or engineering. Makeup is generally more than blowdown due to evaporative losses.


When are heat loads placed on the PW T- mod?

Unit is in Mode 5


How is temperature controlled with the PW T-mod installed?

Warm up NC => throttle open the NC bypass. if needed once the bypass is fully opened, you can close down on the outlet valve
Cool down NC => throttle open outlet valve and if needed, close the bypass valve

**either the bypass or the outlet should always be fully open!**


What is the max HX inlet temperature for the PW T-mod



What is the max HX outlet temp for the PW T-mod?



what is minimum spray pond A level?

14' 2"


What has to be done to ship PW T-Mod to diesel power from the construction substation?

The PW T-mod must be secured since there is no way to synchronize the two sources.