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What chemicals are added to the steam generators?

Hydrazine, ammonia, & ETA


What does hydrazine do?

Scavenges Oxygen


What does the ammonia do?

Elevate secondary pH which minimizes corrosion


How many hydrazine and ammonia pumps are there and where do they discharge to?

3 of each
A) S/G down comer feed lines only
B) condensate
C) wet layup
The last two can add to the CD lines D/S of the demins , to the suction of the AFPN, and to the S/G B/D lines.


Where does the dilution water for the chem add tanks come from?

DW or the CD service header if needed, but DW is normal


Where can the chem add pumps discharge to the s/g at?

2 points:
A) down comer feed line between the feed reg valves and the isolation valves
B) down comer feed lines downstream of the isolation valves and upstream of the double check valves.


Where is the bulk ammonia storage tank?

Turbine building north yard


Where do the ammonia addition tanks get filled from?

Bulk ammonia storage tank


Describe the ammonia transfer pumps.

2 redundant motor driven centrifugal pumps located in the turbine building yard.
They are controlled locally at the pump and will trip off on a low-low level in the ammonia storage tank.


Where can the ammonia addition pumps add to?

09 & 12 can add to the wet layup, CD flow path, and the AFN flow path.
11 can add to the high pressure steam generator.


Where are the ammonia addition pumps operated from?

At the local panel 100' turbine bldg


How many hydrazine chem dilution tanks are there?

2 500 gallon tanks


What is the difference between 2 of the hydrazine chem metering pumps and the third?

Two are identical and can add to high pressure at up to 10GPH.
The third pump is a high capacity, lower pressure pump that can add 84GPH during system lay up and startup.


What indication will be seen if there is a diaphragm leak on the hydrazine addition pump?

The diaphragm leak detection system will shutdown the pump. There will be a pressure registering on the gage that detects pressure between the two diaphragms


How does the hydrazine get into the dilution tanks?

A centrifugal hydrazine transfer pump.


Where can you find the concentration of the chemicals in the ammonia and the hydrazine day tanks?

It is posted on the tanks


What can happen if we lose the ability to add hydrazine?

High O2 concentration can lead to plant shutdown and tech spec entry.