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Ahi Tuna - As Entree

  • 4oz (appetizer) or 9 oz. (entrée) raw sashimi grade Hawaiian Bigeye/Ahi Tuna
  • Rolled in Cajun spices and black sesame seeds 
  • Seared rare 
  • Sliced Sashimi style 
  • Layered atop an Asian slaw (julienne of daikon root, carrots, sugar snap peas, and red onions) 
  • Served on a room temperature deep square plate(appetizer) or a large platter (entrée) 
  • Finished with ginger soy sauce and beer mustard sauce 
  • Garnished with scallions
  • Accompanied with pickled ginger, wasabi, and chopstick
    • Beer Mustard Sauce - Light lager (typically Keystone), Coleman's Dry Mustard, and soy sauce
    • Ginger Soy Sauce - ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar, pineapple juice



Yellowfin tuna has flesh coloration that ranges from pink and small fish too deep yellow in large fish. Large fish have greater potential to have a higher fat content then smaller fish, a desirable attribute for raw fish products.




Alaskan Halibut (seasonal)

  • 10oz. portion
  • Not too firm or delicate
  • White flesh with large flakes
  • Mild flavor
  • Accompanied with a side of tartar sauce and a small spoon 


Chilean Sea Bass

  • 10oz
  • Moderately oily and tender with large thick flakes
  • Rich melt in your mouth flavor
  • Caught from the coldest waters of Antarctica
  • Also known as the Patagonian tooth fish
  • Recommended pan seared or oreganata


Twin Lobster Tails

(individual tails available)

  • Two 7oz. lobster tails  
  • Baked in convection oven with clarified butter and paprika
  • Served with a side of clarified butter, and a lemon wrap
  • Topped with chopped parsley. 
  • Caught from the coldest waters of the North Atlantic



Big Eye Hawaiian Tuna

  • 9oz. of sashimi grade big eye Hawaiian tuna
  • Reddish pink flesh color
  • Higher fat content than yellowfin because it is caught in deeper and cooler waters
  • Preferred by sashimi lovers
  • Recommended grilled or blackened
  • Served with a lemon wrap
  • Garnished with chopped parsley


(chef recommends a room temperature plate for this fish.)


(this entrée may also be served sashimi style

like the seared ahi tuna appetizer.)



Pacific Swordfish

  • 10oz. portion
  • Pacific Coast center cut swordfish loin
  • Very firm steak–like texture and full flavor
  • Very prized trophy fish
  • Since it is a trophy fish
  • Cuts we we receive are from 200–400 pound swordfish
  • Recommended grilled or blackened


Scottish Salmon Fillet

  • 10oz. portion
  • Moderately firm and oily
  • Farm raised
  • Milder than that of wild salmon
  • Not as fatty as Chinook or King Salmon
  • Accompanied with a side of Olivetti and a small spoon 
  • Garnished with chopped parsley


Sauteed Sea Scallops

  • Five U–10 sea scallops
  • Pan seared in clarified butter and set aside
  • Vine ripened tomatoes, minced garlic,  and shallots are then sautéed
  • Deglaze with a 1/2 lemon and white wine
  • Garlic herb butter  and Parmesan cheese are melted in the sauce
  • Scallops are tossed in the sauce
  • Served in a large warm bowl atop 3 garlic cheese breads
  • Garnished with chopped parsley
    • Garlic Herb Butter - butter, lemon juice, garlic, basil, oregano and parsley


Live Maine Lobster

  • Flown in daily from Boston
  • Steamed to order (to three fourths doneness)
  • Split down the middle
  • Finished with clarified butter under the broiler
  • Accompanied with a side of clarified butter, lemon wrap and cocktail fork
  • Presented to the guest
  • Offer to de-shell table side.


Alaskan Red King Crab Legs

  • A full order is 1 pound and a half order is a half pound.
  • Steamed to order
  • Finished with clarified butter
  • Accompanied with a side of clarified butter, lemon wrap and a cocktail fork
  • Window cut (Portion of the shell is removed
  • Served on a warm plate 
  • Garnished with chopped parsley


Farm Raised Salmon

  • Farm raised
  • Milder than that of wild salmon
  • Not as fatty as Chinook or King Salmon


Pan-Seared fish preparation:

  • Seasoned with salt, black pepper, and flour
  • Seared on a cast iron skillet with canola oil until golden brown


What is our Oreganata fish preparation?

  • Seasoned with house breadcrumbs (panko, parmesan, garlic, salt, black pepper, parsley, oregano, and basil)
  • Baked with clarified butter and paprika


What is our "Blackened" fish preparation?

  • Seasoned with Cajun spice
  • Seared in clarified butter to desired temperature
    • (The fish is only seasoned on the presentation side)


List our fish temperatures:

Rare - Seared, cold center

Medium - Slightly opaque center

Well Done - Cooked throughout




Seafood Preparation

  • Served on warm plates or bowls 
  • Accompanied by a lemon wrap
  • Garnished with chopped parsley
    • (plates and bowls for seafood are held at 200 degrees)



  • 5 U-10 Sea Scallops seasoned ? and pan-seared in clarified butter
  • Served on a bed of truffled gnocchi (sauteed gnocchi, mushrooms, black truffle peelings, asiago and parmesan cheese and cream)
  • Finished with a Balsamic Reduction
  • Garnished with chopped parsley