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How did Maurice get the nickname "Fish?" Chapter 1

He almost drowned in Outhouse Lake when his brother threw him out to the middle, but he taught himself to swim and stayed in the water as long as his family would allow.


Why did Fish go to work for Uncle Gerry? Chapter 2

The family horse, Shamrock, died. Someone had to go to the city to earn money to make up for what they would lose by not having a horse.


What happened when Fish tried to deliver a purse to Reginald Swift? Chapter 3

He was tackled by a boy and the purse stolen from him. He did not deliver it to Reginald Swift.


Fish followed the boy who stole the purse. Where did the boy go? Chapter 4

He rowed a boat out to a sloop in the harbor. The sloop was a pirate ship.


What was the Scurvy Mistress? Chapter 5`

The Scurvy Mistress was the name of the pirate ship.


Daniel told Fish to swab the deck. What did he mean? Chapter 5

Swabbing the deck is scrubbing the floor.


Who did Fish save from drowning? Chapter 5



Why did the pirates wear red cloths around their arms and heads? Chapter 6

They wore read cloths so you could tell which men were pirates during a raid.


Why did the Scurvy Mistress attack the Mary? Chapter 6

`The Mary had a passenger with a lot of gold and jewels. The pirates were raiding the Mary to steal the treasure.


Why did Fish break into Captain Cobb's cabin during the raid? Chapter 6

Fish broke in to the cabin to get the purse of gold coins.


Who did Fish meet in Captain Cobb's cabin? Chapter 6

He met the Captain's wife, Melinda.


Why did Fish want the gold coins now? Chapter 6

He wanted to give them to Reginald Swift, who was on the Mary.


What was the name of the rich woman on The Mary? Chapter 7

Lady Swift


Who stopped Fish from giving Reginald Swift the coins from the purse? Chapter 7

Captain Cobb and Melinda.


Why did Nate have to walk the plank? Chapter 8

Nate didn't turn in a necklace he stole on The Mary.


What's the one thing that no pirate can do? Chapter 8

Pirates can't swim well.


What did Fish do after Nate walked the plank? Chapter 8

Fish dove in and saved Nate.


What did Fish offer to Captain Cobb to prove that he would be loyal? Chapter 9

Fish gave him the fish his sister, Roisin, had given to him when he left the farm.


What odd talent did Simon have? Chapter 10

Simon made up his own words.


What did Nora have hidden in her sleeves and clothes? Chapter 10

knives, for protection


Why was Nora on the pirate ship? Chapter 10

She had dressed as a boy and asked for a job. She was homeless. When they discovered she was a girl, they let her stay because she could cook.


What food did Nora invent? Chapter 10

Nora invented the sandwich and named it after her birthplace in England.


Who was sword-fighting on deck one night? Fish broke up the fight. Chapter 11

Nate and Daniel were sleep-fighting.


What were the "seats of easement" that Fish had to clean? Chapter 11

Seats of easement were the toilets.


How did Fish break up the sleep-fight between Nate and Daniel? Chapter 11

Fish threw a bucket of water on them.


Which pirate was always writing songs about everything? Chapter 11

Noah was the song-writer.


What does Captain Cobb have a habit of doing when he feels angry? Chap 12

Captain Cobb traces the scar on his chin. It reminds him of a duel he was in, and that violence leads to undesirable ends.


Where did Cobb believe he would find the secret to the location of the treasure he is seeking? Chap 13

Cobb believed the secret to the location of the treasure was in the coins.


Why did Captain Cobb order Moravious to be silent? Chap 14

Moravious had to be silent because a silent giant was scarier than an intelligent one.


What did Captain Cobb wear to make himself look important? Chap 14

Cobb wore a wig.