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Who invited Tugs to a birthday party when they saw each other at Ward's Ben Franklin?

Aggie Millhouse


What event did Aggie suggest she and Tugs enter on Independence Day?

The 3-legged race


What food did the Button family seem to serve whenever there was trouble, death, or illness in the family?



Why did Aunt Mina bring Butter Up Pie to Tugs's house?

Because Granny was coming to live at Tugs's house.


Who did Tugs enter the 3-legged race with, year after year?

Cousin Ned


Who figured out why the car stopped running, as they were bringing Granny home?



Why did the car stop running, on the way home with Granny?

The car ran out of gas.


In what clothes was Tugs most comfortable?



What gift did Tugs make for Aggie's birthday?

a jumprope


What business did Harvey say he was going to start in Goodhue?

a newspaper


How did Aggie's birthday cake compare to the cakes Tugs's mother makes?

Pretty dry and not as good p. 36


What prevented Tugs from playing the beanbag toss at Addie's party?

Tugs gave her beanbag to Mary Alice because, Tugs had knocked the beanbag out of Mary Alice's hand. Aggie's dog, Mittens, stole the beanbag and ran. Tugs chased Mitten. Mitten had ruined Mary Alice's beanbag, so Tugs gave hers to Mary Alice.


Who did Tugs run in to as she chased Mitten and the beanbag?

The Rowdies.


What did Tugs do with the birthday gift she brought for Aggie?

She threw it in the bushes.


What book did Tugs like to read when she visited the library?

the dictionary


What project did Miss Lucy, the librarian, ask Tugs to work on in her office?

An Independence Day patriotic essay.


What did Tugs see in Miss Lucy's office that inspired her to write about Herbert Hoover?

She saw a portrait of President Herbert Hoover p 46


Where did Tugs put her patriotic essay?

in the trash p 46


Why did Aggie sneak over to Tugs's house, when she was supposed to be practicing piano?

To practice for the 3-legged race p 50


Why did Aggie think she and Tugs would be able to win the three-legged race?

because their legs were the same length and they were the same height p 50


How are Tugs's feelings about Harvey Moore different from everyone else's feelings about him?

She thinks there is something fishy about him. p. 58


What did Tugs do with Grandaddy Ike every Wednesday?

She walked with him to the Luncheonette so he could play checkers, and made sure he didn't gamble away anything important. p60


What prize would the winner of the penny raffle win?

a Brownie camera p 66


Tugs had 5 pennies. Why did she give them to Granddaddy instead of buying 5 penny raffle tickets?

So he could play checkers and trade them.


How did Tugs earn the 5 tickets for the penny raffe?

She held the door as Mr. Pepper brought a big box into the store, and helped him unpack it. p. 73-74


How did Aggie solve the problem of a partner for Ned in the 3-legged race?

She asked Ralph Stump to be Ned's partner.


What did Aggie do for Tugs, when Tugs's name was called as a winner of the essay contest?

She accepted the blue ribbon and read Tugs's essay for the crowd. Tugs was glued in place from surprise.


How did Tugs earn two blue ribbons at the Independence Day celebration?

She won the 3-legged race, and her essay won for the 8 to 12 year olds.


Who stepped on Tugs's camera at the family reunion?

Aunt Mina. p. 107


How did Tugs get a Brownie camera?

Her ticket was drawn during the raffle at the Independence Day celebration.


What color was Tugs's Brownie camera?



What did Tugs say at the family reunion that caused her family to leave early?

Would all you people just clap your traps? I am lucky. I am going to go on being lucky.


To whom did Tugs give her blue ribbon for the patriotic essay?

Miss Lucy. p. 119


Where did Miss Lucy put Tugs's blue ribbon?

in the library display case p 120


Why did Tugs take her ribbon our of the library display case?

She didn't want people to think she was showing off. p. 124


Why did Tugs ask her mother to cut her hair in a bob?

She wanted to look like the Marys. p. 132