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What idea does grandma let Lucy try in the old hunting section?

A relaxation room


How does Morrie, the accountant, suggest they save the pharmacy?

He suggests they expand it, attract new shoppers, and use unused space.


chapter 9
What unexpected news did Sunny announce at her birthday sleepover?

She announced that she had a crush on Evan Mass.


Chap 9
What was Megan's advice to Sunny about Evan?



Chap 10
Where did the idea of a Relaxation Room come from?

Lucy was reading magazines in a hard plastic chair.


Chap 6
What after-school club did Lucy join because of Sunny?

Earth Club


Chap 7
What did Lucy give Sunny for her birthday?

Dangly earrings like Claudia's.


Chap 7
Why did Courtney return to the pharmacy with her friends?

She wanted to introduce her friends to the "hair prodigy" that saved her for homecoming.


What job did Lucy's grandma talk about at Professional Day at Lucy's school?

Lucy's grandma is a pharmacist. She talked about being a pharmacist.


What club do Sunny, Lucy, and Evan belong to?

Earth Club


What topic is Lucy researching at Earth Club?

How her school can become a Green School.


Lucy clicks on News from Mayor Danes while she is researching how to become a green school. What does she read about?

She learns about a Going Green Grant for local businesses.


What is Grandma thinking about selling, so that the pharmacy can stay in business?

Grandma is thinking about selling her house.


What do Lucy and Sunny do on teacher conference day?

They usually hang out together, and this time they are going to hang out at the mall.


Why didn't Lucy get the Converse sneakers she wanted when she was at the mall with Sunny?

Lucy didn't get the sneakers because her mom's credit card was declined.


What game did Evan want Sunny to play with him at the mall?

Evan asked Sunny to play laser tag at the mall.


What idea did Lucy get about the pharmacy after having been hanging out at the mall?

She wondered if she could make the pharmacy a hang out like it used to be.


How did Kristin reward Lucy after Lucy did her make-up for the Sweet Sixteen party?

Kristin gave Lucy a tip.


What candy does Mrs. Delvechio give the students at the end of Earth Club?

Mrs. Delvechio gives them Hershey's Kisses.


How does Lucy feel about research?

Lucy enjoys research and is looking forward to the research class next year in 8th grade.


Who does Lucy ask to look over her Going Green Grant Application?

Lucy asks Mrs. DelVechio.


Lucy discovers she needs some help filling out the Going Green Grant application. Who does she ask to help her?

Lucy asks Claudia to help her with the grant.


What's Lucy's great idea for expanding the pharmacy?

She wants to turn it in to an eco-spa. CHap 22


Where do people wait for their prescriptions now?

Customers wait in the Relaxation Room.


How did Lucy get a Turbo Massage Chair 7000 for the Relaxation Room?

Sunny's family gave it to her. They were remodeling their den and were getting rid of the chair. Chapt 23


Who asked Lucy to do his make up for the 8th grade masquerade party?

Yamir asked Lucy to do his make up for the 8th grade masquerade party.


The Earth Club is going to speak to the School Board at its first meeting in the fall. What part of the report did Lucy volunteer to do?

Lucy will research about how the cafeteria can go green. Chap 25


Who keeps giving customers free stuff at the pharmacy?

Lucy's mom is always giving away free stuff. Chap 26


When Erica Crane asks Lucy to do her makeup, she tells Lucy that she likes a boy. Who does Erica like?

Erica likes Yamir Ramal, Sunny's brother. Chap 27


After Lucy does Erica Crane's makeup, someone else asks for skin care tips. Who is it?

Sunny finally asks for skin care tips.Ahap 27


Lucy says make up isn't about how it makes you look. What is it about?

It's about how makeup makes you feel. It's about confidence. Chap 27


What does Lucy want to do when she grows up?

Lucy wants to start her own make up and skin care line, like Laura Mercier. Chap 27


Who volunteered to collect recycling from the classrooms with Evan?

Sunny Chap 28


Why did Claudia ask Lucy to write the paragraph on the grant application about the strengths of Old Mill Pharmacy?

Claudia asked Lucy because Lucy is at the pharmacy more than Claudia is. Chapt 29


Lucy's mom was in charge of paying the bills. How did Grandma find out the she wasn't paying the electric bill every month?

The electricity went off in the house. Chap 30


What did Lucy decide to do when the electricity went off at her house?

She decided it was time to tell Grandma and Mom about the Going Green Grant application.


Who did the talking, when Lucy and Claudia told Grandma about the grant application.

Claudia did the talking over the speaker-phone. Chap 30


What was Grandma's reaction to the news that the grant application had been mailed?

She was not excited. She felt that Lucy should have minded her own business. She didn't really take it seriously. Chap 30


What was Lucy doing when she realized she had a crush on Yamir?

Lucy was putting make up on Yamir, his friends, and Erica Crane for the 8th grade masquerade party. Chap 31


What did Grandma tell Lucy to do with the $40.00 tip money she earned doing masquerade make up?

Grandma told Lucy to keep the money for herself. Chap 31


What did Lucy want to the with the tip money she earned doing masquerade party make up?

Lucy wanted to give the money to the pharmacy. Chap 31


How did Sunny respond when Lucy told her she has a crush on Yamir?

Sunny thought it was gross and didn't want to hear about it. Chap 32


What did Lucy have the urge to do after Sunny and the Ramals were asleep?

She had the urge to sneak up to Yamir's room and look around, but she didn't do it. Chap 32


What did Yamir make for Lucy with his dad's equipment in the basement?

Yamir made a brochure for Lucy's makeup business at the pharmacy. Chap 35


In spite of Lucy's grant application, Grandma tells Lucy that she is going to do something to the pharmacy. What is Grandma going to do?

She is going to sell the pharmacy. Chap 38


When she was desperate to save the pharmacy, who did Lucy call for help?

Lucy called Morrie, the accountant, when she was desperate to save the pharmacy. Chap.39


How does Morrie suggest the pharmacy be saved?

He thinks his son, Gary, should invest in the eco-spa. Chap 39


Mrs. DeVechio calls someone a "model Earth club member." Who is it?

Lucy Chap 40


What was happening in the pharmacy when Morrie and Gary walk in for their 6:00 appointment?

Grandma and Mom were having a big fight. Grandma asked Mom to leave. Lucy interrupted and said she had a way to solve the pharmacy's problems.


Lucy got busy doing high school girls' make up for what event that happens in the spring?

She was doing make up for the prom.


Sunny told Lucy she should join a club next year. What club?

Future Business Leaders of America Chap 43


Why does Lucy enjoy doing makeup?

She likes getting to know about people's lives. Chap 44


How did Lucy learn that she had won the Going Green Grant?

She learned when she was opening the mail. It said "CONGRATULATIONS" on the big white envelope from Mayor Danes' office. Chap 45


Who suggested that the new spa be named, "Pink and Green."?

Sunny Chap 46


Why does the spa have "green" in its name?

Because it is good for the environment.


Why does the spa have "pink" in its name?

Because of Lucy's makeup business.


Lucy finally goes somewhere with Yamir. Where do they go?

Lucy and Yamir go to the movies together.