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What was the "crunch?"

Gas stations had no gas to sell.


Why were both Mom and Dad gone?

They always took a trip together in July to celebrate their anniversary.


What did Dad do to earn a living? What was his job?

Dad was a truck driver.


What business did the family run together?

The had a bike repair shop.


Why was Lil going to be gone for most of the day?

Lil was going to Art School.


Where were the twins going for the day?

Sea camp


Who would handle things at the Bike Barn while Mom and Dad were away?

The big brothers, Dewey and Vince.


Why was the Bike Barn getting much more customers this summer?

Business at the Bike Barn was growing because of the gas crunch. People were riding their bikes instead of driving their cars.


Chapter 4How did angus and Eva get to Sea Camp?

They rode their bikes along a path.


Chapter 4Who lived near the Marriss family and helped himself to eggs and garden veggies?

Mr. spivey


Chapter 5What did Lil discover when she arrived at her art class at Elm City College?

Lil learned that her class had been cancelled.


Chap 5How did Lil plan to get home from her cancelled art class?

Lil planned to walk along I-95 because there were no cars on it.


Chapter 6How did Dewey plan to get Lil as she walked the 22 miles to get home?

He would take the tandem bike.


Chapter 7Why Didn'tDewey ride the tandem bike alone all the way to find his sister?

Someone asked if he could ride with him.


Chapter 7How did Dewey meet Robert Deal?

Robert asked to ride the tandem bike in to Elm City with Dewey.


Chapter 8Lil decided to create art at home since her art class was cancelled. Where at home will she create it?

She will paint a mural on the back of the barn.


Chapter 9What did Dewey mean when he said they needed to "triage" their work orders?

He meant they needed to organize the jobs.


Chap 9How did Dewey suggest they cut Mr. spivey's lawn for him?

He suggested they loan him the sheep to eat his lawn.


What did Dewey keep in the peppermint tin?

Money from the Bike Barn.


Chapter 10What did mr. Gilmartin complain about when he picked up his bicycle?

He complained that the parts cost way too much.


Chapter 11What did they make for dinner when Pop and Mattie came over?

Clam chowder


Chapter 11Why did Robert Deal come to the Marriss Bike Barn?

He came to buy a bike.


Chapter 12Who did officer Runkle bring to the Marriss's house the evening of the clam chowder dinner?

He brought a new officer, officer macey.


Chapter 13What did mr.Spivey complain about when the sheep cut his grass?

He complained about the sheep feces (sheep poop)


Chapter 13Whom did Dewey and Vince give a tour of the Bike Barn?

Officers Runkle and Macey.


Chapter 14What did Dewey go to Bocci for?

He went to buy bike parts.


Chapter 15 What was beginning to pile up in the Bike Barn?

.Bike repair jobs.


Chap 16 What equipment did Lil ask to borrow from the Bike Barn?

The air compressor.


Chapter 17 Why did Vince bring Angus and Eva home from Sea Camp on his bike?

Because their bikes were stolen.


Chapter 18 Dewey hasn't been going to the bank often enough. Why is that a problem?

There is too much cash in the bike barn and it could be stolen.


Chapter 21 Who brought the Marriss family 3 pizzas for dinner?

Robert Deal, to say thank you for the bike they sold him


Why did Dewey give Vince the job of taking Eva and Angus back and forth the Sea Camp?

Because the customers at the Bike Barn stressed him out.


What seems to be disappearing from the Bike Barn?

Bike parts.


Why did Robert Deal volunteer to help out at the Bike Barn for free?

He couldn't find a job during the crunch.