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How do you test muscular strength?

Grip dynamometer


How do you test aerobic endurance?

Forestry step
Bleep test


How do you test body composition?

Skin fold test


How do you test muscular endurance?

1 minute press up test
1 minute sit up test


How do you test flexibility?

Sit and reach test


What is the method for muscular strength?

•Adjust the hand grip to fit your hand
•Stand with arms by the side of your body
•Squeeze the grip dynamometer for around 5 seconds
•Carry out the test 3 times on each side, left hand and right hand


What is the method for aerobic endurance?

•Start off with a quick warm up
•Wait for a triple beat to know when to start
•Make sure the lines are 20 metres apart
•Reach the line you are running to before the beep
•The beep gets closer together
•You get two warnings from a spotter if you don't reach the line before the beep


What is the method for the body mass index test?

•Take your body weight in kilograms
•Take your height in centimetres
•Carry out the calculation:

body weight (kg)
height (m) x height (m)